Now You Can Check Your National ID Card Status Online At NIMC; See How

National ID card is very very important to any citizen in a country as you it is the first and best item to identify someone anywhere in the world. Apart from that, most online business and transactions requires the use of national ID cards for verification processes. Example of where national ID card is required for verification is when opening a bank account on any bank, when creating a PayPal account, when verifying a google adSense account and so many other things that a national ID card can solve. In fact, the importance of a national identity card cannot be overemphasized.
Having said this, all those that have applied for the National Identity card for a very long period of time now and it seems as if hope of receiving it is going away, worry no more as there is now an online platform where you can be able to check the status of your ID card  which you have applied for if its ready or not.


1. Login to NIMC online platform here
2. Click the proceed button

3. Now fill in your details as follows...
First name, last name and your National Identification Number and click the ‘check now button’.

This process takes only few seconds and after that, your NIMC status will be shown to you. Now you can know whether your ID Card is ready for collection or not.
For those that have not yet enrolled in the national ID card, what are you still waiting for? Get yours ASAP


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