Reloaded: How To Use MTN BIS On PC With Simple Server

MTN BIS is still rocking on PC despite the experiences of few people that said it is no more working for them. To some people, it only work on their internet browser but refuse to work on other softwares that requires internet connection in other to work. I shared a post like this some months ago and we all flexed the 5GB MTN BIS on our laptops and desktops computers but recently we started having issues with it. Now, after some research, I found out this new configuration to make you rock your BIS again non stop on your PC.

I call this one the reloaded version of MTN BIS on PC via simple server. As we have simple Android Server (SAS), that is for Android devices, so we also have simple server which is the PC version with the .exe extension. The simple server am going to use for this Mtn BIS cheat is already configured so you don't have to set it up again manually. Both the IP and servers are configured to suite this particular tweak. Like I said earlier, it is in the .exe extension but the file you are downloading is in zip file which you have to extract using winra or any other zip file explorer.

==> Configured Simple Server for PC. Download it Here
==> An internet modem
==> An MTN Sim card with Active BIS Plan which you will insert in the internet modem
Use any of the below BIS subscription codes to activate your SIM for this tweak.

* To subscribe for daily bis plan, SEND 'BBMIDID' to '21600' (N100) or BBLITED to 21600 (N70)
Click Here for weekly and monthly Mtn BBLITED Subscription codes

Now that you have downloaded SAS and met other requirements above, you may now proceed to the next step.

==> Launch the just downloaded Simple server for PC program, and extract the Simple Server folder using extracting software from the zipped one to your computer's desktop menu.

==> Now just open that folder containing SAS and double click on the "Simpleserver.exe" and minimize the program. It will be running in background.

==> Now it is time to setup your internet modem. Connect your modem and MTN Sim to your Computer and configure the APN of your modem as follows...

You can leave other spaces blank then hit on connect.

==> Launch your internet browser, It can be Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer or Google chrome browser. And set it up as follows..
Proxy sever “” and port “8080”.
For Mozilla Firefox users, simply go to Menu » Options » Advanced » Network » Settings,
Then tick the manual proxy configuration box and input “” as http Proxy and “8080” as port. Just as seen in the images below.

At this point, you can now start flexing MTN BIS on your computer using Simple server for PC. However, if you want to power other software like Internet Download Manager IDM, all you need to do is just set the proxy server and proxy port just like the way I did it on the browser.

I hope this answers your BIS on PC questions. Alright hit the share button and let you friends also enjoy this.


  1. wonderful. it's working but connecting like snail

  2. Wizy simple server is nt goin any more on ma phone any help to dat