See The Most Expensive China Phone Launched By Shallots

It is not just iPhone 6 and the likes that are costly to get but Chinese smartphone company Shallots released the most expensive china phone this year which is made up of 24 thousand gold retailing at an amazing 12,888 in Chinese Yuan. The phone costs a whopping N597,800 in Nigerian Naira and $1,960 in US dollars. But you will be surprised at the specifications and features.

Generally, we have a very small number of smartphones that are more expensive than the iPhone products, and in Africa and Nigeria in particular, China phones are regarded as phone for the poor and average earners. Now, my question is, will you still call someone that is using this Shallot phone a poor man? I know you won't.

Some of the world's most expensive phones include the Savelli Smartphone ($250,000), the Black Diamond VIPN Smartphone ($300,000), Vertu Signature Cobra ($310,000), Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot ($1 Million), Diamond Crypto Smartphone ($1.3 Million), GoldVish Le Million ($1.3 Million), iPhone 6 Amosu Call Of Diamond ($2.7 Million), iPhone 5 Black Diamond ($15.3 Million), Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 ($95.5 Million)

Shallots is leading as the most expensive smartphone producers in China but definitely no where to be seen in the world power rank of most costly phones. From the look of things, it seems the Shallots smartphone is made of a gold 24K plated gold.

It is a nice phablet with 6-inch full HD display screen and packs a high-end fractures which includes a 2K display, 2.5D glass panel, a Snapdragon 810 mighty processor, a whopping 4GB RAM and a massive128GB internal memory that can be upgraded to 128GB with SD card. In terms of camera and video, it has an 8 mega-pixel secondary camera for beautiful selfies and 16 mega-pixel F2.0 secondary or rear amera with PDAF technology.

With the specs above, I still don't think I will folk out more than N500,000 just to use this phone. In fact, the specs are not too spectacular and not much higher than Elefone P9000 smartphone

At $1960, I think it will be very difficult for someone to spend on this device except those that want to show off their wealth to the public though there are plans by the manufacturers to release a more affordable phone which runs on Snapdragon 820 in the later months of this year.

What do you think about this phone? A hit or a miss?