Top 6 Tips To Start Making Money With Your Phone Right Now

Hello everyone. I think it's high time you stopped waiting for those white collar jobs that are not coming forth. It is not only Nigeria but all over the world, there is currently an economic crisis troubling every nation but the few ones that are managing it well and doing fine right now are those who ventured into entrepreneurship and technology. I feel it is time to show you some business you can be doing with your phone and make money for yourself.

==> Students
==> Serving Corps Members
==> Graduates looking for job
==> The employed
==> Those that have retired.

From this list you can see that almost all categories of human beings will gain from what I want to share with you. Some of you might have heard or read something like this elsewhere but this is another opportunity for you to think about it again and start doing something positive with that your phone and avoid procrastination all the time.

Yes. Majority of smartphone users only use it for Whatsapp, bbm, and Facebooking. Am not saying that this social media platforms are bad but there is a way you can turn it into a money generating machine for yourself. Some people use some amazing camera phones like the iPhone 6 and Tecno Camon C8 which gives a very clear digital camera output but this type of people haven't considered or thought about converting that nice camera feature into a business gadget.

Yes! You can also be making money with your java and symbian phones.
Follow me as I show you some business tips you can do with your phone.

Majority of these business suites the students and unemployed. Also it is good for underemployed set of people (people that earn too low but work like a lion)
1. Bulk SMS Business
Bulk SMS is one of the best legit business you can venture in as a student and unemployed graduate. Not just graduate but any person that can read and write and also have basic computer knowledge. You can create or partner with someone to start the business and use your phone to operate and manage it. This business will be very lucrative in a school environment because departments, faculties, students union, school admin and even lecturers will patronize your service for creating bulk SMS to disseminate information to targeted audience. You can also go to churches and mosque and advertise your bulk sms business to them thereby creating awareness for yourself and services.

2. Data Selling Business
Most data sellers have crumbled recently because of free and cheap browsing cheats available for people to use. But as a sharp guy, you can turn all the information you get from this site to make your own money by tweaking other people's phone and collecting money in exchange. Imagine tweaking MTN blast 3gb data for someone and you collect only #500. Don't you think that people will rush you to do it for them. Imagine doing this for your classmates and colleagues in school and collecting #500 naira each from them, you see that you can pay your school fees and even house rent with the money realized from that.
There are novice in the free and cheap browsing world out there and this is the type of individuals you should target and show them stuffs like Etisalat socialme. You may collect as much as #1500 because it is unlimited for one month. All the free browsing cheats and information you need are in this site. Just use them for your own benefit.

I have a friend that was an SME data seller but recently the business started depreciating and I gave him this this trick. And today he is doing very well as he now combine the normal data selling and free browsing configuration for people through the settings and updates from this blog. You too can even do better.

3. Doing Assignments For Others
Like I said before, your phone is not only for entertainment purposes. You can make money from your fellow students by using your phone to do assignments for them. When I was in school, I made some cash with this. What you will understand is that, some students are too lazy to the extent of not even bothering themselves to do research online. Some find it very difficult to read stuffs and I know some people won't read this because they are not used to reading stuffs like this. That's why a saying goes like this "if you want to hide something from an African, write it in a book" So as a student, I targeted those lazy ones that couldn't research and do their assignments. I did it for the and collect money as simple as that. You can also find some good stuffs online like formula for major maths topics and print them out and sell to your fellow students.

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4. Call Center Business
This one is mainly suited for the female students. Call center is one of the oldest phone business you can do with your handset and make your money no matter how small it is. Use the opportunity and advantage of the crowed in school environment or any other crowded area to your own advantage by venturing into call services. Before doing this, check for the network with very good service in the area.

5. Blogging Business
Blogging is another business that most young people venture in this days. Though it is not as easy as people see it. It's only those in it that will tell you what is in it. You can be a very successful blogger with your phone. Though you will need a PC to set it up to a professional standard but you can be updating your blog with your phone after setting it up and designing the template. If you are very serious and hardworking, you can be making at least N60,000 monthly with your average blog. What I mean by average is blogs ranked 700,000 and below in the world by alexa. There are many ways you can make money with your blog and the include, through AdSense program, through affiliates marketing, through sponsored posts, adverts placements, infolinks ads, adversa, selling of your own products and services and so on. To learn more about the truth in blogging and what you should know before jumping into blogging, click here
I also setup professional looking blogs with SEO optimization for new and aspiring bloggers at a very cheap price. Contact me on Whatsapp with +2348062276490 for the service.

6. Photography Business
Do you know you can turn your phone into a nice digital camera and make your money from that? Yes it is very simple. This is mainly for those using phones with 13mp camera capacity and above, you can use it to take pictures at events and wash it for people to pay and collect.
Let me tell you while this is even more important and useful than using a normal digital camera. You don't need to edit the photos with a PC because there are many photo editing applications smartphones. You can download pics art studio, camera 390, picmix and so on. After taking pictures with your phone, use the editing features in these softwares to edit your photos and take them to studio where they will be washed for you. Alternatively, you can just buy a photo washing machine and start washing your pictures at the comfort of your home.

Apart from these six tips, there are others that you can apply on your phone and make money with it like Participating in NNU program downloading of music and reselling to others. This one is getting outdated in some developed areas but you can do it if you are in a developing environment.

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You phone can be a money generating device for you today!


  1. good write up!!
    If you are into blogging, then you must have the apps discussed in this link

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  3. This is so inspiring and worth sharing with others. It's high time i start making some extra cash from some online stuffs.

  4. This is so inspiring and worth sharing with others. It's high time i start making some extra cash from some online stuffs.