China Set To Release A Phone With 6GB RAM By March 1st

Wonders shall never end and Chinese techy wizards can't just stop amazing the world with wonder technology. While we are still using and bragging about our 2GB RAM Smartphones, this Chinese dudes have already gone to the final stages of producing a huge 6GB RAM phone which they named Vivo Xplay 5 Smartphone.

I wonder if how fast this phone will be when operating it. In fact, it can process a command before you tap on the screen. Lol

Anyway, it is a welcome development and another breakthrough in the smartphone
industry. Only time will tell what we will be seeing in the next 5 years.

But come to think of it, what will you be doing with a 6GB capacity RAM on a phone? Not laptop o. Maybe some of the RAM memory will be dedicated to on board video card if it will come with a higher one just like it is on laptops. This device will be too great to play any HD hardcore game and will run apps with ultra speed.

According to the manufacturers of this Vivo Xplay 5 phone is the latest flagship device from them and it will run on a Snapdragons 820 Chipset and will be launched by March 1st, 2016.

Will you rock this phone?


  1. Ah dae imagine the price... And how e go fast.. ....tanks for d info

  2. Wizzy is dere no cracked tweakware vpn.. .apart from the mod one

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  4. Wow.....chinese ppl re really doing a great job.....6gb Ram watin u wan carry am do fr phne.....dat a good work sha

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