Download Latest ShowBox V4.51 And Watch Movies: Musics Now Included

ShowBox movie streaming application has been around for sometimes now and people has been enjoying the entertainment it brings to them as you can comfortably watch any TV series, movies from different countries including Hollywood, Nollywood, Hindi series, Indian movies etc. Many TV programs are available for your streaming pleasure also.

ShowBox is a direct competitor and rival to Netflix video streaming app but before this recent update, ShowBox was lagging behind in terms of music as it doesn't have music available for users to watch but this recent update to version 4.51 have fixed it and you can now watch your favorite movies including musics on your showbox

The new V4.51 update comes with cool features as you can now easily add songs to your library and just watch/stream it via the application. Another noticeable improvement is removing annoying ads and pop ups.

Showbox can be streamed with HD video quality which is high resolution for better viewing experience. All the latest TV shows, movies and now musics are there for you to search for and watch.

Download V4.51 apk android app here

I know it will definitely be a battle between Netflix and showbox this time around.

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