First HD Call (VoLTE) Made In Nigeria With Ntel

You can recall that Ntel acquired the popular telecom company NiTel/MTel and promised to bring full 4G network in Nigeria and since then, many Nigerians has been anxiously waiting to see how the data plans will be like. One of my friends even bought a new phone with 4G LTE support because of this. Now it seems we are close to it as the High Definition call test was successfully carried out.

The test VoLTE call was made at 3.30pm at ntel’s new Tier III data centre which is located in Lagos Island. From the announcement which made it clear that VoLTE calls were activated over a carrier’s high-speed data network in place of a voice network.
The statement continued that VoLTE calls connects faster when dialed and brought ultra-clear high-definition and clear voice quality.

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The VoLTE call is reportedly completed in partnership with top equipment manufacturers which includes LM Ericsson of Sweden and Sony Electronics of Japan.

”This crystal-clear, high-definition VoLTE call was made via an ntel SIM card and is set to be a significant differentiating factor for ntel, as it progresses with the roll-out of Nigeria’s largest Advanced 4G/LTE network due to be launched shortly.

”The successful test call is a confirmation that the key network elements are now in place to support the full commercial launch of premium integrated voice, video and data services over 4G/LTE."

Anyway, we are still waiting for the final launch of their data plans. Let's see how it will look like. So if you are not yet using a 4G network supported handset, its time to upgrade because 3G is gradually fading out.


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