Get Awoof N25,000 Free Airtime On Your Airtel SIM

Now this one is not cheat and it doesn't require any application or tweaking because it is totally official from Airtel Nigeria as they are smashing a whopping N25,000 free credit to call all networks.

But how can I get this Airtime? I know this this the question on your mind now and you are eager to know. Well, its very simple. Remember MTN is still giving free Airtime ranging from N2,500 to N20,000 to her subscribers that registers or revalidate their SIM cards but what if I tell you that you will get more than that amount on your Airtel line?

Yes Airtel made it official that you will be given free twenty five thousand naira Airtime within 24 hours of your sim registration or revalidation. So what are you still waiting for? Even if the sim is already blocked, kindly take it any Airtel customer care office for revalidation and enjoy this free offer.

All these network providers are afraid of sanctions now so lets make use of this opportunity to get all these Awoof while it lasts. Hehehehehe


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