How To Download Any Paid Premium PC Software For Free

Sometime ago, I gave out a trick on how to download premium paid Android apps for free and today am here with the PC version of the post.
I will be showing you a tutorial that will help you get those important PC softwares that are not free to download because they are paid and premium.

One thing is to buy and own a laptop PC and another thing is to maintain it and install the useful relevant Software programs and tools but in some cases, some of the best softwares we want to download are paid Softwares. Some people don't even have any online transactions documents not to talk of buying the software.

So to save you from the stress of running helter skelter in other to pay for a software before you download it, I have clearly drafted this tutorial to let you download these PC softwares for free.

How To Download Premium PC Software For Free?

There are few online sites that you can download PC software for free but in this post, I will show you the most reliable site which is *"GetintoPc. This site offers you with every premium PC software you need just free of charge without paying any kobo just as it is done on android with blackmart. All you need is just know the name of the software you want to download or you can even write them down so that you won't forget. Once you almost all the PC Software are there at gettintoPC

Once you identify the one you want to download, you will be given a direct link to download it for free.

To Get Started...**
Goto their website at and search for the software you want to download.

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  1. I must salute you for ur tutorials mr wizzy

  2. The post is very useful and i must salute your efforts

  3. The post is very useful and i must salute your efforts.

    In my own case i want to state that i have also been using the same site and in addition I'm gonna add two more sites.

    They are :

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