OpenVPN Settings For MTN 0.00 Free Browsing On iPhone And iPad

You are reading this right now because you are using an iOS device or you have someone using it or you may be into business of tweaking phone for others and collect money from them as compensation for your work.

Anyhow it is, we are still blazing the MTN 0.00 cheat and it seems as if it doesn't want to stuff. This tweak is among the easiest and sweetest unlimited free browsing we have come across this year though it started last year but many people thought It wasn't serious so only few read my post on it and used it.

Android phone users are the most favorites when it comes to gaining access to free browsing as there are numerous cheats available for them to select and make use of. The Mtn 0.00k free browsing was discovered and first tested on an Android device and then PC. Most of you are still rocking the Mtn 0.00k on Netify VPN

As I always said, we must carry our iOS friends along and provide free browsing cheats for them also and their best app for tweaking is the tunneling app called openvpn. With the help of openvpn, iPhone and iPad users are enjoying MTN BIS on iOS devices, and Etisalat socialme and chatpak on iPhones and iPads

Today am bringing the flavours of MTN 0.00 unlimited free browsing to iOS devices (iPhone and iPads) with openvpn connect config files targeted at this particular tweak you guys.

==> First of all, download the OpenVPN from iTunes if you don't already have it on your phone

==> Now download the confg files by clicking here or here (make use of any of the two config files you downloaded as one of them might not work very well for some devices), and import them to the OpenVPN app.

==> Finally, launch the OpenVPN app from your iPad or iPhone and connect.

Enjoy MTN free browsing on your iOS while it last.

Are you still confused or having problems with setting it up? Use the comment box for your question and recommendations.

Happy Browsing!!!


  1. Must the iPhone be jail broken??

  2. thank for the good work. i tried it but it was not working and even tried that of the mtn bblited using openvpn and not working. could it be that openvpn of the bblited needs update? please i need another one to try it.

    again is there no way ipad could be made to accept android apk file?

    1. What is the response you are getting?

      You can try to use a different username and password

      As for installation of Android apps on iOS, I haven't tried it before but you can check how to do it from this post at wonder how to

    2. it does not reqest for any password yet i import it but not working.

      do i need to enable and configure proxy at the openvpn app? though i tried it yet not working. i tried and no one worked.

      the error is something like cannot through proxy10.199.212.2:8080 error 400 bla bla bla

  3. how do i go about it or can i get a java phone type or android

  4. Boss aw can I use hotspot wit Mtn 0.0 on psiphon

  5. @ wizy, am trying to import it but the it keeps saying unknown hurt exception

  6. The links to download the config files isn't working