SHOCKING: See Why Your iPhone Will Be Destroyed If You Update To Latest iOS 9

The shocking revelation came few hours ago that Apple, the owners of iOS devices will render your phone useless if you ever upgrade to the latest version of iOS which is iOS 9.0

But why this decision? What is the reason? My people, the reason for this is very funny but interesting. iPhone producers are over protective to the extend of now restricting iPhone users from repairing their damaged device by a third party technician and if at all you have done it already, then you should not smell or go near the latest iOS 9 update. According to Apple, your
device will be ruined if you try it.

There is an error 53 that appears after the update and that is the main danger. But come to think of it, apple might be afraid of intruders acting as third party technicians and installing some bots and Malware on your device. So in another sense, its a good security measure but they are really really over protective and places too much restriction on their devices.


  1. That is d point. Over shabi over protective. Way too much restrictions. I damn hate iPhones.

  2. Please I need help, I need recovery img for infinix hot note lollipod version xui N2.0

  3. as in Iphone to dey annoy me Iphone ni b phone na hard drive e be to mind me joor....tanks for the update wizy