This Elephone W2 Smartwatch Will Surprise You

By mere looking at this Smartwatch from Elephone, you will think it is the usual normal wrist watches that people wear on their wrists but surprisingly, it is more than just a traditional wrist watch. The watch can be used to make and receive calls, have sensors to track speed, movement and even your sleep, it has Bluetooth, it charges wirelessly, it has OTA updates just like phones and of course you know that not even all phones support OTA updates but this Smartwatch supports it.

Below are some of the features of this awesome watch that will really surprise you going by the loom of the watch. In fact, it looks like a normal analog watch with 3 nobes and a leader instead of rubber or chain.

TIME: Normally every watch should be able to tell time as it is the most basic feature in a watch, be it analog, digital or Smartwatch though few devices don't offer this like the Xiaomi Mi Band. The W2 tells time via Swiss sourced motion and utilizes hands to display the time instead of digital numbers that we are used to be seeing on other smart watches but there is no second hand and it makes it look more cute.

NOTIFICATION: It vibrates and flashes LED’s light to let tell you when a call comes in or other notifications.

FITNESS TRACKING: This Smartwatch tracks and counts your steps for the whole day and all numbers of hours you slept slept at night. This can be displayed from the LED lights but the detailed analysis of the tracking will be shown from the Elephone w2 Smartwatch companion application which you can download from Google playstore.

To do the tracking, just manually switch between sleep and exercise mode. To achieve this, hold button 3 (that button just below the dial) down for about 7 seconds until the watch vibrates and the LED flashes a blue light. But if you want to navigate back to the steps tracking mode, simply repeat the same steps until the LED glows green light.

REMOTE CAMERA: To use the remote camera feature, you need to open the companion application on your phone via Device > Camera. And this will pop up a full screen camera application on your smartphone giving you options to switch the flash on, or turn cameras. Then turn On your W2 watch and then use the 3rd control button (lower button) to take pictures and control the camera shutter.

SEDENTARY ALERT: This particular feature will send a reminder kind of notification to the watch if there is no movement recorded after a set number of minutes. This is a smart way remind you to wake up and just walk around.

ALERT: It has a very simple alarm option that utilizes vibration from the tiny electric motor installed inside it . however, you can equally add a few more different alarms from the app.

FIND PHONE: This feature is very smart and important. Sometimes, we misplace our phone and start looking for it or looking for another phone to dial its number so that we can locate it when it rings. This Smartwatch will just solve the problem as all you need to do is press a button to trigger your phone to sound notification sound anywhere it is so you can easily find it. Though before this, you have to configure the setting in the application.

OTA UPDATE: This is another interesting feature I like in this watch as you will receive updates over the air via the application anytime it is available.

So looking at this watch, it is just a normal Smartwatch but what amazed me was the simple look of it. Honestly, if you are not told, you will just believe it's a casual analog wristwatch.

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