Another Android Malware That Steas Your Bank Details Is Going Viral. Beware!!!

Just last month, we got reports that tens of thousands of Android phones has already been infested with Monkey Test Malware and this time around another one named Spy.Agent.SI have surfaced, tormenting Android devices.

The malware is targeting 20 of the largest banks in New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey, also it can be tweaked and programmed to affect more devices from any part of the world. It locks up your device's screen unless users give up their login credentials. This dangerous malware can also capture text authentication codes sent out by different banks.

According to researchers at the Slovakian security firm ESET say they have discovered a new strain of malicious Android software called Spy.Agent.SI that could be mainly dangerous to phone users.

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The developers of the malware disguised it as a version of Adobe Flash Player, which is popularly known as a tool that runs video and animations on Internet browsers.
Just like every other deadly virus that affects Android devices, Spy.Agent.SI mostly affect users that download applications and software from unsecured, unknown and unofficial third party websites or mobile app markets other than Google Playstore.

Once it infects your device, it continue to spread in all over the memory space on your phone and multiplies itself. Whenever you are doing something on your phone like bank transactions or any other sensitive activities, it will decide to lock your phone screen and only reopens it after you have provided your private details. See similar Malware that uses this TRICK too here

To check if this virus is already on your phone at the moment, kindly search for Spy.Agent.SI in your app manager. For a better result, use titanium backup application to search for it and delete it immediately if you find the malware.

Stay Safe!!!



  1. Lols, it can't affect mine. Am sure it's secured. Just play by the rules, you'll be safe

  2. Based on logistics, i cant store any of my banking data on my laptop nor phone and as such, this malware can't attack me.

  3. With all these malware, very soon I'm gonna stop using an Android phone and go back to my old Nokia 3310.