Bugs Noticed After Upgrading Infinix Note 2 To Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Just some hours ago when Android 6.0 Marshmallow update started popping up on Infinix Note 2 device, all the users of the phone were extremely happy as their device will be running on the latest Android OS version thereby having superior hands than their counterparts using other phones but little did they know that there will be a whole lot of bugs that are unbearable.

Though bugs are normal in any Android version upgrade and even on applications but this one on Android 6.0 is something else. The bugs are much and some of them are really unbearable and can't be managed. In this post, I will show you guys the bugs already recorded according to the reports on this site. Very soon there will be another update that to fix most of the bugs recorded below.

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1. Unable to set picture as profile or background picture. Some selected pictures crashes and sometimes don't even come up.

2. Wifi connectivity keeps reporting that other device don't have data.

3. Few apps like Mariam Webster Dictionary and some games are not running After the upgrade.

4. After setting default storage to SD card, it automatically changes back to phone memory

5. After closing and clearing apps with task manager, the apps continue popping up again thereby draining battery and eating much data

6. Search function on Facebook not working again

7. Multi-tasking not as expected

8. Confusion on battery meter as it remains unstable. It reports false information about the actual remaining time of the battery.

9. Some people reported that the camera flash light stopped working After the upgrade and 4g signals misbehaves.

Well, this is why I said the bugs on this particular update is too much for any phone user.

Did you update yours? What other bugs have you noticed with your Infinix Note 2 Device?


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  5. Whenever an update is rolled out, i don't always rush in updating mine so that i may not experience any bug