Checkout Magic SIM Alternatives As Of Now

Are you worried and surprised that MTN blocked the wonderful magic SIM that has been blazing for a week now? My dear, you don't have to be surprised or angry because this is not the first or the second time magic SIM reigned and got disabled. It has been in existence for over 4 years but doesn't last long any year it surfaced.

While you are still shocked and searching for alternatives to this MTN browsing, I will like to provide some Browsing solutions to you so that you won't go offline because am committed to help anyone following this blog to be online 24 hours.

Some of the Browsing alternatives I will list here requires a little credit to use them while some doesn't require any at all. Most of them are completely unlimited.

==> Etisalat Unlimited Browsing. (Click HERE )

==> MTN Zero Facebook Browsing TRICK (Click HERE)

==> New MTN BBLITED (Click HERE)

==> MTN Blast Tweak ( Click HERE)

==> Airtel Free Browsing (Click HERE)

==> MTN game free browsing tweak ( Click HERE)

==> Airtel 0.00 Browsing Tweak (Click HERE)

More options coming... Keep tuned!


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