Gionee P5 Mini Specification, Photos, Price: Meet The Latest Gionee Phone

Let's welcome Gionee P5 mini which was launched few hours ago this week in the month of march 2016. Gionee is now known for producing mini variants of any phone they launch that sold very well. Example of the mini device from Gionee is the Gionee M5 mini

Gionee is known for their ultra strong and long lasting batteries but guess what, they set Guinness world record few years ago as the producer of world slimmest smartphone with Gionee Elife S7 smartphone. As at the time of publishing this article, Gionee have over eighteen different Smartphones to their name and still producing more with full force.

The P5 mini is just an epitome of simplicity and style but it won't prevent me from pouring out what I don't like on the phone. Gionee disappointed me with the scrap battery capacity I saw on this device. In fact, apart from other manageable features I spotted on this phone, the battery kept me wondering if I am seen clearly or what. How can one buy a phone with less than 2000mAh at this stage in our tech life? It's absolutely not acceptable.

Anyway, let's look more at the positive part of the device as Gionee P5 mini allows you create mood cards that describes your moments and give you the platform to display the world to others. It utilizes chameleon mystic to select different colors to be displayed at the front and back camera. Also the audio play back and sound is cool and load enough if you want to make some noise at times.

Crazy Specs Of Gionee M5 Mini

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Multitasking is made more easier on this phone when compared with other phones with similar specs. It cascades its windows in the novel, one window rolls into the other in an unending loop of fun and function. Though the battery capacity is not encouraging but they integrated battery management techniques so that you can at least be in power for a reasonable time. The phone also comes with an extreme mode set where battery consumption stays close to a standstill, leaving just the vitals of calls, messages, calls and contacts.

One major thing you will notice at the sight of this phone is the attractive and flashy color. This will make it a ladies phone because of their love for flashy stuffs. The phone is designed to fit in well in the palm and pocket and you have many different colors to choose from.

As for the price of Gionee P5 Mini, it is around $100 which is between N19,000 and N21,000 depending on Dollar and Naira exchange rate at the time you are buying it.


Dimension 132*66*9.1mm
Weight 153g
Color black white and blue
Display 4.5 FW once oncell display
Pixels 854 x 480 pixels
Camera 5-megapixel rear camera , 2 Mp front camera.
Memory Internal memory 8GB ROM+1GB RAM
Connectivity WCDMA, WIFI, BLUETOOTH 4.0, Micro USB 2.0, GPS,
SIM Dual SIM standby
Processor Chipset MT6580M
Speed 1.3GHz Quad core)
OS Andriod 5.0
Price 19,000 to 21,000 Naira

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  1. GIONEE is known for producing high quality phones and they have not disappointed us before.

    Currently using GIONEE MARATHON M3