Google Set To Allow Android Users Test Apps On Playstore Before Installing It

This is one of the best news I have heard this week because it will relieve me from unnecessary application downloading. Am guilty of downloading many types of apps from Google Playstore in my quest to find the perfect application. I use to install many similar apps on my device, run them and identify the most important one, then delete others.

I have used this method to identify best video streaming apps, best antivirus app, best task killers and so on. But this is a waste of time and data (MB) because I need to download and install them one after the other before I can single out the best from the rest.

However, the good news is that Google made an announcement this week that Android phone users will now be able to test run applications right there on Playstore before installing it on their phones and tablets as the case may be.

Google will give you 10 minutes to run any app you wish to install. This comes handy for gamers who always install games on their phones. You will notice that most of the games you install from Playstore are scrap and you delete them after playing them for the first time but with this new feature, you don't have to install those games on your device first, rather you test it and verify whether it's cool for you before going on with the download.

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You will use either WiFi or data to test any app on Playstore and at the moment, it's only available in USA and Singapore but Google promised to spread it over to reach more countries as soon as possible.


  1. Has this been introduced here in Nigeria since it's been long this was posted?

  2. Has this been introduced here in Nigeria since it's been long this was posted?