How To Subscribe Airtel 4GB Data Plan For N1,500; And 6GB For N2,500 With Huge Bonus Airtime

Airtel just introduced a mouthwatering data offer to all Nigerians with a 4GB internet data plan going for only N1,500. Wait! The good news about this is that you will not only gain 4GB data package for browsing the internet but you will be also given free N2,600 bonus immediately to call any Airtel line.

Alright, Airtel introduced a new plan sometime ago whereby users are given five times (5) value for every recharge when you dial *555*PIN# but unfortunately, this offer is only available for new Airtel lines so if you are using and old SIM, this may not be for you rather I will suggest you use the older Airtel data plans of 4.5GB for N2,000 and the 3GB data plan for N1000

With this new airtel package, you won't only get 4GB for 1,500 Naira but you can as well get as much as 6GB with only 2,500 Naira and this depends on your plan selection with extra bonus. So those with newly registered Airtel SIM, this is an opportunity for you to enjoy a cheaper and affordable official data plan without tweaking or using any VPN application.


For 4gb Data Plan
Kindly follow the steps i will show you here:
To subscribe Airtel 4GB for N1,500 data plan, just recharge load N1,500 on your new Airtel sim by dialing *555*PIN#. For example, if the recharge card PIN is 4528366946578386, the you will dial *555*4528366946578386# and you will be offered a free 1GB data plan and this also comes with an extra 2,600 bonus bonus for calls to any Airtel line.

Having done that, use the N1,500 which you loaded earlier to subscribe for Airtel 3GB data plan by dialing this code *440*16#.

Now let's do the simple mathematics
1GB+3GB = 4GB
Bearing in mind you still have awoof N2,600 bonus airtime given to you earlier.


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For 6gb Data Plan
To get the Airtel 6GB for N2,500 data plan package, just recharge N2,500 on your new Airtel line using *555*PIN# just as we did with the 4gb plan earlier on this post and free 1.5GB data will be given to you including an extra N3,900 bonus to make calls to Airtel lines.
Now use the N2,500 which you loaded on your Airtime SIM to subscribe to the Airtel 4.5GB plan and you can do it by dialing this USSD code *437*1#.

Now let's do the simple Maths again
1.5GB+4.5GB = 6GB
Bearing in mind you will also be given awoof free N3,900 bonus airtime.

==> All Android Phones
==> All iOS devices
==> All windows phones
==> BlackBerry devices
==> All symbian and jarva phones with Internet access

While the bonus plan and credits (Airtime) expires within two weeks (14 days), the main package you subscribed to would last for the next two months (60days)

If you are still having difficulties with this plan, kindly let me know using the comment box below.

How do you see this plans?


  1. Wizy this is nice and informative with professional guides

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  3. wizy pls is diz working for android?, cuz i tried one airtel subs u posted recently nd it did not work,den i called call center they said the subs i did was for blackberry users only. pls just want to ask if you tasted this on android? thanks!!

    1. Yes it works on all android devices.

      Please next time you are having difficulties with any free or cheap browsing tweaks, don't contact customer care because that's the expressway to tell them to discontinue the offer or block the tweak.

      Kindly ask any question u need here on this blog and a solution will be given to you.

      Others take note!

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  6. Say witzy just wana knw if dis 1500 sub is still available cos I just bought a new airtel Sim. And is it a normal package for new Sim or should call it a cheat thanks..

    1. Yes Sir. Itbis still working and its mainly for new airtel lines. It is not a cheat. Just follow the steps i gave. Enjoy

  7. Pls add me to ur watsapp group 08077126616

  8. My newly acquired phone is not capable of changing IMEI and i don't know the other way out, can this work on any Android phone?

  9. My newly acquired phone is not capable of changing IMEI and i don't know the other way out, can this work on any Android phone?
    I have not used the phone for browsing but only to make and receive calls then send ad receive SMS

  10. I have just registered a new AIRTEL SIM and I'm gonna try this out since my phone has refused to be tweaked.