iPad And iPhone Users, Have You Gotten iOS 9.3 Update?

Don't be among those phone users that remain in darkness. Nothing is as enjoyable as going with the latest trend in the tech world. Some people use phones and don't bother to check if there is OS update available for the device. The truth is that, no matter how you like your current old OS, the latest ones are more cool with new features to suit the need at that particular time.

Most OS comes with bug fixes, more battery management and overall optimization for seamless performance of your device.

Apple Released an statement that iOS 9.3 update is currently rolling out on some selected devices. As expected, the update comes with new features like password for Notes and Night shift.

The most important feature found in iOS 9.3 is the password protection for Notes. With this feature, users can set and configure passwords to protect their private Notes on iOS devices . Apart from the password protection, the new update also brings improved CarPlay integration. This comes with synchronized CarPlay with Apple Music.

Another great feature seen on this OS is its ability to connect with nearby feature in Maps letting users to search for the closest parking, Hotels, ATM, restaurants and other important locations

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Still on the new features of the iOS 9.3 version, there is a Night Shift, which predicts users devices clock including geo-location to automatically set the on-screen colors. This is expected to bring a warmer tone in low light for better readability and improvements to reduce eyes strain.

You see, every OS upgrade has its advantages and new features that makes your device look as a new one.

However, if you have updated and having issues, feel free to ask me as am here to guide and provide solutions for you.


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