MTN BBLITED BB10 Plan Unable To Subscribe? Here Is The Fix

If you are a user of MTN BB10 Packages which includes BBLITED, BBLITEW, And BBLTEM, you will notice that the subscription is not going through for some days now. This is because MTN is currently undergoing some server maintenance. It have also affected the Browsing and downloading speed in many locations at the moment.

I have received many comments and requests asking for the solution and how to Subscribe to MTN BBLITED successfully and after some serious research, I discovered that you can now easily activate your BB10 Packages via MTN official Twitter account. Don't worry, I will show you how I did it and it worked.

We know that many companies are now disregarding blackberry devices and their stuffs. Recently, WhatsApp announced that it will stop working on BlackBerry devices and few days later, Facebook announced it will discontinue support for BlackBerry devices at the end of this month but MTN seems to stick with BB.

If anyone tell you that MTN have stopped BBLITED plan, please kindly disregard it at least for now because the plan is still active. I will show you some methods you can use to Subscribe to it.

1st Method (Twitter)
Send a Direct Message with your phone number and the MTN BB10 package you want to Subscribe to @MTN180 on twitter and it will automatically be done for you. This is because the normal code is currently undergoing system upgrade and it will be fixed very soon.

2nd Method
You can dail *123# >3 data service >6 blackberry plans >3 BB10 MINI or simply dail *216*4# and choose either daily, weekly or monthly

3rd Method
Someone on the comment box said he just subscribed by sending BBLITEW to 21600

So this is the fix. As for the speed throttling you are experiencing in some locations, kindly be patience's until the system upgrade is completed.

Happy browsing!!!


  1. Bro I subscribed to this plan using the code you posted for N70 per day and Mtn gave me 10mb and you said it was 5Gb

    1. Ignore the message and power it with Psiphon or Netloop. You will use more than 10mb

  2. Bro I tried everything but not working. I can't even DM on twitter

  3. To circumvent MTN BB10 activation failed wahala, dial 180, then follow the number prompts below:

    1 6 2 1 3 3 3 3 Your phone number, add #, then 1. (Bblited)

    1 6 2 1 3 3 3 1 Your phone number, add #, then 1. (Bblitem)

    1 6 2 1 3 3 3 2 Your phone number, add #, then 1. (Bblitew)

  4. It is working, I just subscribe for 1 week. *212*3*2# I keep dialing until they deduct my balance, but they didn't reply and I am using it.

  5. wizy baba..i hail o... is dere a new setting for bblite plans with psiphon on android phones?

  6. Bblited is no longer working after using the first 10mb baba wizy plz help oo

  7. Mr Wizytech I guess uou guys haven't been able to get a way to fix this problem cos all the methods listed above are all failing. Please we are waiting on U guys cos I haven't been able to subscribe, considering switching to Etisalat

  8. Use *216*3*1# 4 daily and check it status 2 21600 u will be given 5gb with add 8 mb

  9. When i tried to sub i got the same failed command prompt and my money was deducted, then i sent STATUS to 21600 and my sub was active but after exhausting the 10mb it stopped working pls wizy whats d way forward