Three (3) Key Features To Check Before Buying Any Android Device

For sure Android device is the coat  everyone rocks now. No one wants to see him/her self using symbian or java phones anymore, even some blackberry users have dumped their blackberry phones for Android devices.
Android phones are the perfect phones to use in this century as there exhibits many unbelievable features.
To be frank not every Android user knows all what his device is capable of doing. A user must have to use his Android phone for several years to be able to use half of the features his device is capable of.
Buying an Android device is not the problem many individuals encounter but what sucks the most is when you buy a wrong choice. This can be very frustrating.
Now, to make sure you are buying the right and durable Android device you will have to read below.
Things you must check before buying any Android device.

Am starting with this because it is the major challenge people face after buying an Android device. Novice Android users don't know how to confirm how healthy a battery is, from its details printed at the back of the battery.
To ensure the battery device is strong or durable you can easily look at the body of the battery and locate the "mAh" of the battery. Now when buying any Android devices make sure the battery mAh capacity is up to 3000mAh or higher to have a long lasting battery.

2: Internal storage and RAM
This is also important to know when purchasing any Android device as it responsible for the flexibility of the phone. The internal storage reduces the moment you install any new app. so if your device don't have sufficient internal storage you will not be able to install many apps to your liking. Any android device you're buying, the internal Storage should be at least 8gb.
The RAM plays it role whenever you're running many apps at a time. If your RAM space is not enough for the apps running in your device at the same time it results to slowing and hanging of the phone.
So, to make sure your phone don't slow or hang while running many apps at the same time you will have to make sure the phone RAM space is up to 1GB or more.

3: Processor

Yes! You heard me right. The processor of Android devices should not be neglected because it is what makes your device respond very fast. It also takes care of how fast the downloading and browsing speed of your device will be.
To buy the best Android device this should not be oversight, make sure the phone processor is up to 1.3GHz quad-core processor and above.
By the time you comprehend all these in your criterial when buying an android device, for sure you will be going home with the best Android device.

{About The Author: I am Ahmad Dinho, a hard working tech blogger who spends 80% of my time blogging. I am the founder of . You can follow me via my twitter handle @dinho9ja }


  1. True talk wizy, any phone less than 1gb ram and 1.3ghz processor is bound to hang

  2. You have really examined the key features to look out for when buying a new Android phone.

  3. And after considering the aforementioned points, my next point is the nature of the SIM type and slot for SD card.

    I would have gotten a new phone but it has a hybrid slot and also Nano slot which i don't have such SIM type.