Cheap Android Smartphones You Can Buy For Less Than N20,000

Are you planning of purchasing a backup smartphone or an affordable android device that you also use to perform major tasks like browsing the internet, chatting (whatsapp, facebook, snapchat, instagram) making calls, playing music, taking low quality pictures...smiles etc, then this brief article is for you. Most of the devices are within the 4-inch screen size and utilizes 512MB RAM. 

Of course, we shouldn't be expecting a high end performance or features on this kind of devices that's why i called them backup smartphones. The list starts from the most cheapest android phone to the most expensive with the range.Take a look. 
1. LG X135 L60i Dual

This LG device is the most cheapest on my list and it features a 4.3-inch display, powered by a quad-core processor and 512MB of RAM (Random Access Memory), the phone's internal storage is just 4GB, and has a 5 megapixel of camera plus a low 1540 mAh battery battery capacity. The 
LG X135 L60i Dual costs only N15,500.

2. Huawei Y3

Huawei Y3 comes second on the list. This device recorded a considerable sale when it was launched because it was very affordable. It has a 4-inch display size, also powered by a quad-core processor, as expected, it uses a 512MB RAM, and 4GB of on-board memory storage, 5 megapixel of camera and a slightly improved battery capacity of
1730mAh. You can get the device as cheap as N18,500

3. Gionee P5 Mini

Gionee is not left out in the my list as their 4.5-inch display device, Gionee P5 Mini with a quad-core processor and a much improved RAM of 1GB and also an improved 8GB internal storage memory, It has a 1850 mAh battery capacity and a 5 megapixel camera. You can buy Gionee P5 Mini for just

4. Innjoo Fire

The Innjoo Fire smartphone is the most amazing phone here and i will suggest it to anyone interested in buying an affordable smartphone. The device packs a 2GB RAM which is a huge plus on it. It also packs an increased 16GB of internal memory and a fair 2500mAh battery capacity. It is powered by a quad-core processor coupled with
 a 5-inch display and its price is just N19,500

The above prices may change with time and location

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  1. Upon seeing the 512mb of RAM i laughed and then started imagining what such a phone could be used for