Do You Know The All Time Top Selling SmartPhone? It Will Shock You

Over the time we have seen and used several SmartPhones from different brands but have you thought about the best sellers among them?

SmartPhones have gradually taking over and the mobile phone game because of their amazing smart features. It started with Nokia Symbian SmartPhones, then Blackberry SmartPhones and later android devices which are now ruling the industry at the moment.

You won't believe that Nokia 6600 which was produced in 2003 is the top selling smartphone of all time. The device runs on the Series 60 2nd Edition which means it is a Symbian OS. What prompted me to buy the phone back then was its design and video playing styles and most importantly, its support for many entertaining games that time. I was attracted to the phone when a close friend of mine returned from the states with it. After handling the device, i felt like smashing my Sagem phone that moment so i went straight to Nokia house to get mine.

That kick-started my journey to the tweaking world. Lol 😁

Well, Nokia 6600 recorded a tremendous 150 million units sells in its lifetime, and is ranked number 6 on the list of top 10 bestselling mobile phones in the world ever. Other phones that appeared on the list are all feature phones as no other SmartPhone has made it to the top 10 till date. It is important to recall that Nokia stopped production of Nokia 6600 in 2007.

In addition, iPhone 5 is the top selling iPhone model with 70 million units sold, while Samsung Galaxy S4 is the bestselling Samsung smartphone with 80 million units sold.


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  1. Baba Wizy am not shocked ool
    The phone was a hit back to back then

    1. Am still shocked even though the phone wasn't that popular in my location.

  2. I was only opportune to use it once back then. The small ball which was used as the OK button was fun then