Download Best Android Call Recording Apps

While some android devices comes with inbuilt call recording features, some in the other hand lacks this amazing feature especially older devices. In other words, the inbuilt ones usually misbehaves most time while in use that is why am bring to you these alternative applications you can use to record any call of optimal interest to you.

Major Importance Of Call Recorders
==> It helps you correct mistakes you normally make while on call
==> It is a great evidence tool when arguments arises from a discussion made on phone call
==> It reminds you of calls you made very long time ago
==> You can track all the important and sensitive calls and store them in your database
==> It is fun using a call recorder

1. Call Recorder ACR

This particular application is very popular within the smartphone fold as you can easily utilize it in recording group calls. One advanced feature the app has is the "auto deleting" of old recorded phone conversations but users can also select calls that won't be touched while the deleting process starts. Download call recorder ACR here

2. Automatic Call Recorder

Here comes another mighty call recording application that is totally free of charge to download and use. This app has the option to let you set the calls that are recorded and the ones that should be skipped.
Moreover, you can as well share your recorded calls or use the Google drive which is already integrated in the app to save the recorded phone calls on your google account. It is that easy. Download automatic call recorder here

3. Galaxy Call Recorder

Galaxy call recorder is specifically designed for all Samsung Galaxy devices but it can also be used on some selected android phones from a different brand. To know if your phone is supported, simply go to google playstore, search for "Galaxy Call Recorder" and tap on the description to see supported devices. Install and start feeling the amazing features it brings to your call recording. Download Samsung Galaxy Call Recorder Here

4. All Call Recorder

Amongst all other call recorder on the list so far, this particular is the simplest with its easy to use interface that can be used to record both outgoing and incoming phone calls at any moment in time. The app is free of charge in google playstore. Download All Call Recorder here

5. Record My Call – RMC

Finally, the last but absolutely not the least in my list of top call recording apps is "RMC". This app is somehow different from its compatriots because it records only when the call is on loud speaker mode as it uses the MIC to record your calls. I know many people won't find this one very cool but it also have other interesting features to make for where it didn't meet up with others. Download Record My Call here

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There you have them. With any of these call recording apps, you can be able to track your voice calls, listen back to calls you had already made and examine how you speak on phone and make possible corrections next time. If you have any other call recorder you have used and find it worthy to be on the list, let us know by stating the name on the comments box below.


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  4. D one dat av been using for D past 2yrs naw is Androrec,is very small buh mighty, it record calls automatically, easy to use&user friendly.

  5. Lemme start off by commending you for your good works here.

    The list is carefully selected and I'm of the opinion that you have mentioned the top 4 apps

  6. Two (2) of phones have inbuilt recording apps that does the work of automatically recording ally calls

    1. Two of my phones have inbuilt recording apps that does the work of automatically recording all my calls.

  7. Then finally, i want to add that CallX is another powerful recording app