FUN: How To Make Barack Obama Say Anything You Want

Funny but interesting. Do you know you can make American president to say any word or sentence you want him to say? Amazing right?

Well, a Linguistics PhD student at Stanford by name Ed King created a wonderful website called

The website is like a fun zone that lets you write words or sentences and Obama will say it as it is written.

The interesting part is that the creator of the site didn't study any tech related niche; this is why you must not be a computer or related course graduate in other to make a name in the tech world.

Whenever you want to visit the site, just go to

This is what i have to do for this guy


  1. This is the best site i have ever come across. Keep it up Wizy.
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  2. Interesting, good work. WIZY BABA pls add me on your whatsapp group, 08105106885

  3. I have tried it out but mine wasn't running smoothly.

    Thanks for the update

  4. I showed this trick to a friend and he was like woo-hoo. He could other decipher the whole trick behind it.