Google To Discontinue Physical Wallet Account

According to Google's statement, the popular google wallet which is used to receive and pay money will not be supported anymore by google.

Google made the announcement that it will stop supporting physical Google Wallet cards on Thursday, June 30th but if you have funds inside your wallet, you can send to others and if you don't wish to send to others, you can just keep it there and cash out any time you wish too.


Alphabet, The New Company That Owns Google

Its believed that google is providing a more and advanced method to replace the physical wallet card.

Are you using Google wallet currently? What is your view on this development?


  1. Plz wizy d Mtn #15 mtn music can d #350 for 3gig b accumulated at once or wen u exhaust d 1st #15 for 150mb b4 u resubscribe again

  2. Wizy I subscribed 4 etisalat Bis on android yesterday but I noticed DAT it doesn't work 4 watsapp n i can't use it 2 stream videos online. Plz how can I rectify d issue

    1. Which VPN are are u using? 😕

    2. I'm not using an vpn . I just followed the steps u told us to take in ur Eti Bis post. Plz is there any solution to it?