How To Capture Images And Cut Video Clips In VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a household 🏡 name in the media player department. In fact any person that is using a laptop without VLC installed on it is seen as a newbie. This is because this media player ▶ offers a lot of features to the user 👤 and brings out the best in your laptop speakers 🔊.

In addition, this media player is compact and portable, free to download from many open-sources, cross-platform video 📹 and music 🎶 player and streaming of diverse media servers by the VideoLAN project.

A lot of things can be done with this wonderful media player but it is mainly for playing videos 📹 and audios 👂. The player supports supports video and audios different file formats and extensions. Among the numerous wonders that can be achieved by using VLC Media Player, I will just single out one of them for the cause of this article which is using it to cut a portion of videos that you are streaming or watching.

I usually use this feature to cut out some interesting parts of movies 🎥 and football games whenever am watching them. Example is the glorious goal scored by Didier Drogba at the 2012 UEFA champions league final at Munich. I just use the app to cut out that particular goal and it's fun any time ⌚ I see it.

Well, you too can do something like that also by following the simple steps below.


==> Open 🔓 the video 📹 you wish to cut 🍴 with the VLC Media Player ▶ on your PC 💻


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==> Now, right-click and select advance control, look at it in the screens hot below

==> You will see the VLC advance control navigation pop 🎉 out. At this point, you can now perform the action. There are options for you to take snapshots, cut videos or record audio 👂. So choose to cut video and place your cursor at the portion of the video you wish to cut.

==> Just apply the option and cut any part of the video you wish to, including taking as many photos and screenshots as you want.

I hope this is very simple for you. It is the best way to cut any portion of a video. Help share this with your friends by hitting the share buttons 🔲 below.

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