How To Install Xposed Framework On Android 5.1 And 5.0 Lollipop Devices For Tweaking

Have you wondered why the design on some peoples phone is totally different from the way it should be? Have you seen where a phone's battery 🔋 and network signal bar 📶 is changed completely to something else? Have you wondered why phones that have no visible navigation keys suddenly started displaying nav keys?

These and more are what you get after using Xposed Installer on your phone. If you are a tweaker and you don't have Xposed Installer on your device yet, my brother, my sister... You are still a learner. Xposed Modules are one of the stuffs used to identify a real phone tweaker because what you can achieve with the modules are amazing. I can remember how i used it to tweak and completely changed all the features in my Gionee M2 device when i used it.

I will show you how to use it and some interesting things you can do with it.

By installing the modules, you can perform some specific functions and adding more features on your phone to the amazement of your friends.

1. Tweaking and changing your phone signal bar
2. Tweaking the batter icon to your own style
3. Adding reboot options to phones without the option
4. Adding gadgets at your phone notification area
5. Changing the phone's home buttons
6. Making a ringtone of your own as system tone
7. Changing your battery charging styles
8. Making your phone save more power by adding auto hibernation features
9. Adding data meter at the top to monitor your data usage
10. Automatically dimming your screen light by just taping on the top
11. Increasing your phone memory
12. Increasing your phone RAM usage
13. Making your phone run faster and lots more.

Before you continue to the main stuff that brought you here, make sure your phone is rooted. See how to root android 5 lollipop devices. Again, make sure you you have already made a nandroid backup of your phone in case you make mistakes somewhere. This can be done with either ROM Manager app or Titanium Backup app


==> First of all download Xposed Framework zip file

==> Secondly, turn off your phone and reboot into recovery mode by "pressing and holding the Volume Down button and the Power button" until you see “Recovery Booting”, once its displayed, remove your hands from the buttons.

==> Having done that, navigate to the recover main menu, and select install, then choose the "Xposed Framework zip file" to start the installation immediately.

Just reboot your phone through the recovery main menu as soon as the flashing process is complete

==> Finally, download Xposed Framework package and install it on your android phone devices

Hurray!!! You can now tweaking your phone to look totally different and you can as well optimize it for better usage.

Meanwhile, if you need more modules, click framework modules to get them.


  1. Bro i love it but am just unluky i dont have android phone am using asher205

  2. Oga wizy does all the zip files work with the apk?

  3. can i use de recover dat come wit lollipop to flash it

    1. No. You have to flash cwm or twrp custom recovery


    Oga Wizy, I want to reserve number on NTEL website but they don't send a message that the process is successful. What should I do?

    1. My brother, at the moment that is how the stuff is. Up till now, Ntel have not even mentioned a particular location to get the Sim card 💳 i hope they fix this soo.
      However, according to them, you will be notified immediately your sim is available for collection in Lagos or Abuja for now

  5. @wizy any idea how I can flash cwm on my tecno phantom z

  6. old add my noba to ur whatsapp group 07032324129

  7. @wizy, does it works with Android 4.4 kit Kat

    1. Hi Nelson,
      Nthisoo e is for android 5.0 and 5.1 lollipop 🍭 devices

  8. Back then when tweaking and customization was the order of the day

  9. But now guys are running after money and free data

  10. But now guys are running after money and free data.

    Tweaking of phones and system UI modifications always result in bricking

  11. Back then when tweaking and customization was the order of the day