My Top Best Data And File Sharing Apps With Good Transfer Speed

I can remember those days when we use to share files from one phone to the other with infrared 😁 (oh how time flies). The most funny but interesting thing that time was that, any person that has phone with infrared support is seen as a big boy or girl. Infrared was seen as the happening and trending feature in any big phone then.

It's absolutely hilarious 😂 to transfer music of 30 secs in length for over one minute. I said 30 seconds because most of the songs then (both audio and video) were trimmed because of low phone memory and their format were the olden 3gp video format that are too blurred to watch while the audio formats then was wav. Chai!!!

All thanks to the improving technology. We gradually migrated from the old fashioned infrared era to the Bluetooth era where file and data transfer became faster than before. During the Bluetooth era, i enjoyed Nokia PC suit with pleasure as i tweaked a lot of Nokia free browsing tweaks and powered it on PC via Nokia PC suit with Bluetooth connection. The speed wasn't great enough but it was cool 😎

Fast forward it to now that we are in Jet age. Everything i the technology world are now flying like airplane ✈. With WiFi, file 📁 and data transfer is now made very easy. That brings the topic of the day which is the top file transferring applications at the moment that you can use on your phone for faster file and data sharing experience.

Almost all of the file sharing apps make use of WiFi technology and they can be used to share files 📁 from one phone 📱 to the other and from one phone or PC 💻 to the other.

Follow me along as i show you my best file sharing apps so far.

I see Superbeam as the fastest file sharing/transferring android application you can utilize to shares huge files between any android device via WiFi direct. In addition, Superbeam allows you pair your device with using QR codes (this scans the code of any device you want to pair). Not only that, you can as well make use of NFC or the manual sharing key which is integrated in the app.

Other Features Of SuperBeam Includes
==> Sharing multiple files in just one click
==> Sharing files of any type of format
==> Fast sharing speed and so many other features.

Download Superbeam here


Xender is the most popular file sharing application among all android users as it can be seen in almost every android device. It is another great file transferring application that was previously called as flash share before recent updates, like most other file sharing apps, it utilizes WiFi to share files including applications between android, tablets and PC 💻. One amazing feature that makes people get addicted to Xender is that it doesn't require any internet to share files because it is fully WiFi based.

See More Features of Xender below
==> Xender has technology to connect more than one android devices and share files at the same time.
==> Xender supports the Swipe and Share features, this means you can select files and just shake the phone and it will be transferred to the recipient.
==> You can simply browse all type of files via the app and much more

Download Xender Here

This is another amazing file transferring application that transfers stuffs at great speed. It can transfer a 1gb worth of file under 4 minutes. And it is very easy to use with the simple User Interface.

More features of Fast file transfer app
==> This amazing app can send multiple files in a folder in Zip format or any other format
==> Among all sharing apps, it has one of the most user friendly interface
==> It is capable of receiving files 📁 from any WiFi enabled phone, smartwatch, PC or TV 📺 and any operating system that supports WiFi connection
==> This app works completely without internet connection
==> You can make use of QR codes
==> Like the aforementioned apps, it makes use of NFC for pairing technology
==> Capability to send to unlimited number of devices at the simultaneously and and much more

Download Fast File Transfer Here

Unlike its competitors, bluetooth file transfer makes use of Bluetooth technology to transfer files which means it is not as fast as those that uses WiFi but its among the top best when compared with other Bluetooth transferring apps. It works with any Bluetooth enabled device.

Some Features Of Bluetooth File Transfer
==> It shares files of different types and format
==> It also shares large files faster than other Bluetooth sharing apps.
==> It is capable of extracting and compressing files to be shared.
==> It contribute to power management and saving
==> You can brows from any category of files from your device and transfer

Download Bluetooth File Transfer Here

This app is not as popular as others but it is also a great tool for sharing files from phones and tablest.

Key Features Of The App
==> It automatically detects WiFi direct for file transferring
==> It makes use of the NFC pairing technology between several WiFi enabled devices
==> It so transfers large files
==> It supports Quality pairing using QR code (scanning code)
==> It automatically stores the list of device you paired with.
==> Simplicity to access received files and lots more.
Download Send File Transfer App Here

There you have them. The above apps has been tested and found to be the best among the rest when it comes to fast file transferring.


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