Saturday, April 23, 2016

Three Phone Battery Myths You Believed Were True But They Are Not

Over the years, we had read and watched people talk about one measure or the other to apply in other to improve phone battery longevity and performance but in real sense, some of those talks are just Myths and not really applicable in our modern world now.

Phone battery is the main component of any phone or electronic device that runs on it because without it, the device will be as useless as nothing. So people take serious preventive measures to protect their battery and make it last even more longer.

In this brief article, i will be write on top 3 battery myths you probably believed were true before now.


1. Charging Your Battery All-night Is Bad
Like seriously? Do you still believe this trash? Well, if it were 8 years ago when we used older phone versions with older Lithium ion batteries, this might be true because those batteries then always explodes or losses power as a result of overcharging but common... We are in 2016, new phones and laptops are made now with smarter technology and circuitry that automatically stops delivering power to the phone as soon as it clocks 100% charge. New devices utilizes smart system of managing battery behaviors unlike what we experienced during the days of Nokia 3310.

Okay, let me tell you when you leave your phone to charge over night or when you leave it plugged for some minutes even after getting to 100% charge, improves your battery even more. There is a new technology that is called "tickled charging" that is now available in almost every new SmartPhone and laptops. CM security battery saver also uses it. It makes your battery more healthier when you leave it plugged for some more minutes. So go on and charge your device overnight without any fear.


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2. Totally Discharging Your Battery Before Charging It
Hahahaha... See another one again. Even the geeks and wizards in phone tweaking believes this. Like the previous myth about overnight charging, this discharging technique to boost battery was relevant those early phone days when phones use to be powered with older Nickel batteries that always "forget" their previous state unless fully discharged before they can recall.

My dear, technology have moved on and had already surpassed that primitive time as we are now in modem age with modem facilities that works smartly.

Assuming you use 70 percent of your phone's battery’s life, just recharge it, it will not record it as a complete charge cycle but in some batteries, once it gets to 40 percent because your battery looses its lifespan the more you charge it from 40% but the effect is slightly noticed as 80% of your battery lifespan will still be intact after a year or so even with constant charging and discharging.

However, most people doesn't use a particular phone for more than one year this days so it doesn't really count.


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3. Using Unofficial Charger To Charge Your Phone
This one is the most common and tricky way, phone manufacturers use to advertise their products and cut your attention from patronizing other their competitors. Who says, charging your phone with a charger from trusted third party retailers is bad for your phone?

The truth is that no company will like its products to be abandoned so they urge any person that buys phone from them to use only their company charger. This is good ooo but it is not do or die stuff.

In fact, there are third party chargers that performs even better than the follow come charger. The only problem is identifying the original charger.


How To Spot A Fake Charger

There you have it, i welcome your comments, opinion and contributions via the comments box below.
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    1. Hi King, i disagree ๐Ÿ‘Ž
      Use Blackberry Playbook Charger to charge any infinix phone with support for flash charging and see how it works.

      In some cases, it will not will not display the flash charging symbol but the time for complete charve is same as it is with the original infinix hot note or any other infinix charger.

      Again, you save more money when you buy the blackberry playbook charger which costs only N1000 while the infinix charger is as high as N2000

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    1. First of all, unroot your infinix hot note pro if its rooted, install the latest OS update which is rolling out now at the moment and it will be fixed.

      Alternatively, go to Google playstore and search for "WIFix", download and install it, run the app to fix any wifi issues on your phone.

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