5 Fuel Saving Tips From Tecno Mobile

The high cost of petroleum products especially fuel ⛽ is really getting out of hand in the country. We expected a positive change in the petroleum sector but what we are seeing is the reverse of all the campaign promises from the ruling party. Ranging from skyrocketed Dollar exchange rate to total hardship melted on the common citizens of the country.

Having said that, lets keep praying and hopping things get better soon because if this trend continues in this part, students, common citizens and the petty traders are going to suffer even more than they are suffering at the moment.

In their own contribution to help people manage and survive the global economy meltdown at the moment, Chinese Smartphone giant, Tecno Mobile released what they call "Five Fuel Saving Tips" to help people know the basics of fuel management while using their cars.

Fuel Management And Saving Tips

1. When in traffic, avoid turning your car on and off every time

2. When in traffic, move at a low steady speed

3. Check your tire pressure every two weeks

4. Avoid overloading your vehicle with passengers and good

5. Stick to the speed limit on highways and express roads.

The above fuel saving tips will really go a long way in helping you manage fuel ⛽ consumption while using your cars at this period of expensive fuel price.

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  1. In my opinion, this is far beyond the tips.

    This is something that every motorists should be made to observed.