Download Magic Cleaner To Remove All Whatsapp Useless Junk Images, Meme Etc

One of the major consumers of phone memory is the multimedia files from whatsapp chats that are saved on the phone on daily basis.

At default, the whatsapp application saves any profile picture of someone that you have viewed, all the images you open in the groups you belong to on whatsapp including the video and audio files.

The funny but interesting stuff about this is that many whatsapp users are ignorant of this secrete behavior of the lovely application. Though, these useless multimedia files can be deleted manually without an application but trust me, it will be a tedious process deleting them especially when you are the type that chats a lot or the type that belongs to several whatsapp groups.

So i thought it wise to introduce this application to you so that you can easily free up your phone memory by doing away with those junk files from whatsapp chats.
If you look closely on the screenshots below.

You can see the wonderful work of this application in detecting useless multimedia files and removing them. So while we are still waiting for whatsapp video call and call back features to get to all devices

Download Magic Cleaner For Whatsapp Here


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