English Premier League Is Over: Which App Was Your Best For Watching Matches

It was an amazing and unprecedented football season in England as the unexpected happened. A team that was among the bottom teams the previous season came back this season and won the almighty Barclay's Premier League in England.

It is the season where both heavyweights Manchester United and Chelsea Football Club couldn't even make it to the top four, talk more of competing for the title.

Leicester City surprisingly clinched the title with two games remaining before the end of the season. What a performance! Credit must go to the team manager Claudio Renary (former Chelsea manager) and the team for the great team spirit they showcased throughout the campaign period because initially, everybody were thinking they will still come down. One guy in my area said it is "initial garagara" but Leicester did the unbelievable and shut the mouth of many critics.

Now, having written about some awesome applications that can be used to stream live football matches on this blog, which anong them was your best when it comes to streaming matches?

Below Are Some Of The Football Streaming Apps And Download Links
✔ Mobdro... Download here

✔ UKTVnow... Download here

✔ Sports TV... Download here

✔ Top 10 Live Sports Streaming Sites here

So there you have them, which of them was your best app for streaming matches? Remember that the Europa League Final and UEFA Champions League Finals will be broadcasted live on YouTube this month.


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  2. I choose Kodi as my best application to stream not only premier league but all d sports around d globe. One of d great advantage of kodi isdat, it provides different links of several qualities ranging from extremely high quality to horribly low quality. These enable users to afford and select their playable choices. Luv Koooooooooooodi

  3. I was using Sybla TV befire i cme across Mobdro last year on this blog and since then it has been my best football streaming app. Not just football but almost all the channels on DSTV.

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  6. I must be sincere here, i never used any of the apps in streaming due to inadequate and high cost data