How To Get Airtel 4GB Data Plus 1K Free Airtime With Just N1000 Naira

Hello guys i will be brief on this one. Someone just asked me about this data plan and i told him that i haven't tested it. But to be sure of its credibility, i contacted about 3 of my colleagues who confirmed it is working but there are strategies to follow.

We all are aware of the trending airtel 3GB for 1000 naira data plan which is currently helping so many people. Okay. What if i tell you that you can still use the same 1000 naira to get 4GB worth of data including an additional free N1000 airtime to make calls?

Yes it is possible BUT there are few things involved and you have to study this post carefully in other not to make mistakes. Follow the guidelines below.

This package works perfectly for new airtel lines. Older ones that are being used on MTK android phones also works perfectly with it but if you are using a non MTK device with an old airtel SIM, you will only be eligible for 3GB with that N1000 subscription.

=> Get a new Airtel sim or older one used in an MTK android phone.

=> Make sure the SIM is registered. You will be immediately welcomed to the "Welcome To Airtel plan"

=> Recharge N1000 on your Airtel sim card using this ussd code *555*Card Pin# in that format.

=> You will be credited with 1GB worth of Internet data and 1k bonus airtime for only Airtel to Airtel calls

=> You can check your data balance and bonus by dialing this ussd code *556#

=> Now dial this ussd code *431# to subscribe to the Airtel 3gb plan for 1000 remember it is the BIS plan that works on android devices if you have changed your IMEI to that of a BB10

=> You will be given 3GB data but in some devices, you might see an error message.

=> Just ignore the message, your N1000 will be deducted and you will then be credited with the 3gb worth of Internet data.

=> Also to check you new data balance, just dial *140#

=> At this point you have a total of the 4gb worth of data plus 1k free airtime with only 1000 naira

Even if you don't change your IMEI, the first 1GB data given to you will work on your phone but if you want to use the 3GB data, you will have to tweak your IMEI to that of a BB10 device.

✔ See how to tweak IMEI Here

✔ See List of valid BB10 IMEI numbers you can use to tweak on your phone Here

That is it guys. Although i haven't tested it myself as i still have an active data on both of my airtel SIMs, will switch to this method soon as i exhaust them. But according very reliable friends of mine, this is working perfectly especially on new SIM. If your old sim doesn't work, you still have nothing to loose as you will still be given 3GB worth of data with 1k.

Have you tried this? Let us know if it is working for you by commenting on the comments box below.

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  1. I remembered I asked you @wizy about this earlier did week. ... Will try it wen I exhaust my 3gb sub.

  2. Nice one bro, please add me to ur group 08062614845

  3. thanks bro am flexing it 4gb

  4. am flexing it 4gb thanks bro

  5. If i exhaust the 4gb,can i do it again and still get 4gb on the same airtel sim?

  6. More comments on it pls.... Am tempted to go for it

  7. Pls bro add me 09052995638

  8. how can I use the 3gig I have changed my imei is not browsing but I can. check the balance

  9. nice one, you can also get latest tweaks/how to's for free @

  10. Make sure to change your imei to a bb10 imei

  11. thanks a lot I can now enjoy my 3gig

  12. thanks a lot I can now enjoy my 3gig


  13. Is it still working? commenting from

  14. Though this seems old, I'm gonna try it out ASAP.

    Thanks for sharing this information with us

  15. I still remember when i used to sub using the *555* code and it was a nice innovation from Airtel