How To Recharge/Pay Startimes Subscription With QuickTeller, ATM Or Phone Using GTBank *737#

Gone are the days when we have to visit the bank or cable TV operators offices in order to recharge or pay for cable TV subscriptions. Technological advancement has made everything much easier to the extend that you can stay in the comfort of your bedroom and recharge your expired subscription even without internet connection on your phone.

In this article, i will walk you through the lane on how to pay your Startimes Decoder Subscription and continue watching your favorite channels without much stress. But let me give you little introduction of what Startimes is especially for those that are not well familiar with this digital cable TV company.

Understanding What Startimes Is
What is Startimes?
It is a worldwide technology company that was established in 1988 in China, Asia. In 2002, the company stormed Africa and began its African development which later earned them the first digital TV operator license by Rwanda in the year 2007. At the moment, StarTimes has got licenses and registered companies in 10 African nations. Which includes but not limited to Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Republic of central Africa, guinea and Kenya.

In Nigeria, Startimes and Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) struck out a deal to collaborate which resulted to NTA-STAR TV Network Limited, a joint venture between Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) of Nigeria and Star Communication Network CO.,Limited of China.

Startimes packs some amazing channels and TV programs for their customers all over world including some free local channels for each states. What do i mean? The local TV stations in every state is free to air on Startimes no matter the number of channels available.


First Method

**Recharging My Startimes With Mobile Phone Using *737#**
This method is the best and simplest method if you have account with GTBank. The bank recently introduced the useful *737# USSD code used for different types of transactions straight from any phone even nokia touch. Among the serves you can gain from that code is convenient recharging of your startimes decoder and i will show you how it is done.

Simply dial *737*37*Amount*Decoder Number# on the phone number linked to your GTBank account e.g. *737*37*2500*00123456789#. That's all. Your subscription will be renewed immediately under seconds.

Note 📝
You must used the cell phone number you used while opening account with GTBank.
The amount of money you entered for the subscription will be deducted directly from your GTBank account. For instance, if you subscribed for the Nova bouquet which costs 600 Naira, the same amount will be deducted from your GTBank account with 10 Naira convenient fee.

**Benefits Of Recharging With GTBank *737# USSD Code
=> You save yourself the stress of going to bank hall or ATM to make the payment
=> It’s quick and simple to use
=> It doesn't require internet connection
=> It works on any type of mobile phone as long as the phone can send and receive messages
=> The entire process takes only about 10 seconds to complete and your decoder will be Recharged and renewed.

Second Method

Subscribing And Renewing Startimes Subscriptions At
You can also recharge or subscribe for your startimes decoder by just logging in to QuickTeller website. QuickTeller is one of the best place to do any transaction online and safe. They process millions of transactions on daily basics and startimes subscription is included. See how it is done below
=> Visit
=>Click on the Make Payments tile
=>Click on the Select a Service Category drop down arrow
=>Select Cable TV Bills
=>Click on the Startimes tile
=>Enter your Smartcard Number, Email, Mobile Number and the Amount
=>Click “Continue” and continue payment
=> Are you still finding it difficult, you can just go to: Enter your details and make your payment.

Third Method

How To Pay Startimes Bill At the ATM
Even at this time, some people are still unaware that ATM machine is not meant for only withdrawing cash. There are pretty cool things you can also do at the ATM which paying for startimes subscription is included. Below is how to pay for your startimes decoder subscription at the ATM.
=>Insert your card
=>Select Quickteller, then Pay bills
=>Choose your account type. Savings, current or credit
=>Select Others
=>On the screen that asks for Merchant Code', enter 240534 as the merchant code
=>On the screen that asks for 'Customer Reference', enter your Smartcard Number
=>Select PROCEED to accept the amount displayed
=>Follow prompts to complete the transaction

Fourth Method
How To Recharge/Pay Startimes Decoder Subscription Using Quickteller App
In fact this app is one of my favorite phone applications that i can't do without. It serves a lot of purposes ranging from recharging your phone online, buying data, paying for flight ticket, Paying PHCN bills, paying for DSTV/GoTV subscriptions, transferring cash from one bank to another, checking bank account statement and lots more. The app is just amazing. You can as well use it to pay for your startimes subscription by following this simple steps below.
=> Download QuickTeller app here
=>Launch the App
=>Select Make a Payment
=>Select Cable TV Bills
=>Select Startimes Payments
=>Enter your Smartcard Number and Amount
=>Click Next and complete payment

Within seconds, your startimes will be renewed and recharged. Courtesy of QuickTeller app on your phone. Unlike the first method where you don't need internet access to subscribe, this method of payment with the app requires a phone with internet access. Also a convenient fee of 100 Naira will be deducted from your bank account anytime you make transactions on the app except Recharging of your phone, buying data, and checking bank statement.


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That's it for now. I hope this article help you in making the best decision and reducing the stress of paying your digital cable TV bills. Remember the second, third and fourth methods can be used to recharge other cable TV networks like DSTV, GoTV, Daarsat etc.

Keep checking on this site for similar useful tips to make your life easier, enjoyable and stress free.


  1. Baba Wizy this is nice but am not using Startimes. I wish you can make a post like this for DSTV users. Tenx

  2. Let me walk you through the steps to make your StarTime payment
    1. Log on to
    2. click on the service of your choice (Startimes)
    3. select the bouquet option of your choice
    4. Enter your Startimes card number
    The amazing thing about VTpass is that your Startime account gets activated immediately and you dont have to send a short code to any number for activation.

    Hope you find it easy making your Startimes payment.

  3. Thanks for this educative and informative article.

    Dialing the code is a lot easier than using the Gtbank mobile app.