How To Remove Computer Virus Manually Without Antivirus Software

I published a similar post some months back and it saved a lot of readers on this site from many common virus attacks. An Antivirus software is one of the compulsory software any PC user should install on his or her computer but some people shy away from it because most of them are not free of charge and the free ones are not that strong 💪 in detecting viruses.

Another drawback in Antivirus software is that, it will make it hard for you to run a cracked software on your computer because these Antivirus apps see those cracked files as Malware. Example of this is when trying to install gaming software like PES or a cracked version of Autocad. The only way you can have this apps installed is to put them on ignore list or uninstall the Antivirus which in turn leaves your computer vulnerable to attacks.

So to save yourself from all those stuffs, you can easily use the alternative of removing viruses manually via command prompt.

This method of removing virus is just an alternative. It can even remove some viruses that a normal virus app won't detect. There was a day i came across a shortcut virus on one of my laptops. The virus turns all my files into shortcuts and thereby making them not accessible. After trying many Antivirus softwares but couldn't fix it but this method was what i used to remove the stubborn virus successfully. Meanwhile, there are other viruses this method will not remove. Follow me as i walk you through the lane of removing viruses with command prompt.


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How To Delete Computer Virus Without Antivirus App

Step 1
On your computer, click on start menu, and search for cmd

Step 2
Having done that, right click on the command prompt icon, and run it as administrator. (am aware you know how to do that)

Step 3
As soon as the command prompt window opens, choose the drive you wish to remove or wipe virus from. I will assume it's drive D

Step 4
Now all you need to do is to type the below command and click enter.

attrib -s -h /s /d *.*

Step 5
Having done that, type the below command and click enter. You will see all the file contents on the drive displayed with this command.

Step 6
Finally, if you notice any strange file.exe or any autorun.inf, on the list, just rename with the command (rename filename.extension newfilename).

With this method, you can easily remove all those autorun viruses that are common on memory cards. If you want to remove a virus from a memory card, insert the memory card in a card reader use this same process. Remember to note the drive name for your SD card.

So guys, that is it for today. Keep checking on this site for other important tips to keep you safe and enjoy your gadgets even more.


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