Huawei's Elegant And Jewel Smartwatches Now Available In The United States

Android Smartwatches are one of my best gadgets as i can't do without them. It makes life more easy and smarter for you.
Huawei is a Chinese company that is now waxing stronger and trying to penetrate America and Europe just like Xiaomi is doing.

Recently, Huawei's announced to bring a "flagship" smartphone to the United States Of America later this year. At the moment USA phone users are not yet very familiar with Huawei cell phones when compared with other brands. judging their Android phone options.

Meanwhile, Huawei has already unveiled two new Android Wear smartwatches with the name, the Elegant and the Jewel (below). However, these smartwatches are targeted at women.

Judging from the looks, they have same circular screen, same substantial size.

What Are Their Prices?
While the Huawei Jewel android wear watch goes for $599, the Huawei Elegant is priced at $499


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Are you currently using a smartwatch? What is the brand of your android wear device?

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  1. I'm not currently using any smart watch and hoping to get one upon getting my promotion