Introducing Duo And Allo - Google Latest Video And Messaging Apps

Just as iPhone and iPad users have "Facetime", Google is introducing Facetime with their latest app called "Duo".
But what is Duo? It is simply Google’s video app that uses your phone number as an ID unlike on iOS devices where FaceTime uses Apple ID. Google said that the Duo will support end-to-end encryption and will be available on Android and iOS platforms.

Also included in the app is an awesome feature called “Knock Knock” this feature displays the video of the person calling you before you even pick up to answer the call. Meanwhile, Googles Duo lacks the ability to make conference video calls but i hope it will be included in subsequent updates.

What Is Google's Allo?
Allo is another application from google specifically meant for messaging just like every other messenger, but with a touch of Google.

Some Features Of Google Allo Messenger
=> It allows users to know how big the text size of a reply is with the “whisper and shout,” feature

=> It will has Google’s Assistant built into it which allows you make orders or easily ask questions.

=> The users have the ability to edit images within the app and send it instantly just as it is done on Instagram .

=> It has smart reply function found in Inbox by Gmail for quicker replies

=> It learns your chat habits,

=> The smart reply feature identifies photos as well, like a breed of a dog, a dish, and its ingredients.

=> It also have an incognito mode which ensures that users can keep chats private

=> Finally, it features an end-to-end encryption which will allow users set timers to messages (Make messages expire).

The two google applications "Allo and Duo" will be available starting this summer on Android and iOS platforms. I promise to keep you updated and provide the download links as soon as it's made official.


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