Lagos Leads In The Latest Internet Users Report... See Where Your State Is Ranked

Am not surprised to see Lagos top the list of the states with highest voice call and internet subscribers in Nigeria. The state has always retained the first position for a long time and i don't see Lagosians slacking any sooner. Two major factors that contributed to this is the high population of the state and the numerous industries including marketing activities.

In the latest released report by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showing the number of active phone lines and internet subscribers according to states in Nigeria, Lagos ranked and topped the closest state with a big margin. This stats is compiled for the first quarter of 2016

The list below shows the top 5 and least five states with active voice lines and internet subscribers. Is your state among the top 5 or bottom 5?

Top States With Most Active Voice Subscribers In Nigeria
1* LAGOS – 19,046,657
2* OGUN – 8,535,893
3* KANO – 7,811,290
4* OYO – 7,538,586
5* KADUNA – 6,787,117

Bottom 5
31* JIGAWA – 1,820,249
32* GOMBE – 1,815,166
33* ZAMFARA – 1,678,476
34* EBONYI – 1,436,945
35* EKITI – 1,425,945
36* YOBE – 1,402,357

Top States With Most Active Internet Data Subscribers In Nigeria
1* LAGOS – 12,620,662
2* OGUN – 5,629,424
3* OYO – 4,908,092
4* KADUNA – 4,231,710
5* KANO – 4,134,266

Bottom States
32* JIGAWA – 898,399
33* EKITI – 879,702
34* ZAMFARA – 851,669
35* EBONYI – 796,519
36* BAYELSA – 732,777
37* YOBE – 694,631

There you have it. South Western states are still leading though i expected some south eastern states to be ranked among the top 5 internet users soon. Lagos seems unbeatable and determined to remain first.
You can see the report from NBS here

Rep your state by commenting if your state made the top 5 list.


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  1. Lagos Tallest ManMay 21, 2016 at 8:48 AM

    Lasgidi no dey carry last. I rep Lagos.
    Am Commenting from the latest app. Wizy you are doing great. Hopping to see the iOS version of the app

  2. Lol are they winning award for it

  3. I'm not surprised to see that Lagos is topping the list. Everything is going on smoothly in lagos and let's not forget that all other states are also represented in lagos