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With a onetime payment of $5 (#1000), you could earn above $55,805 within the next 180 days without walking like a slave from 7am to 7pm by Becoming a Partner of Global Helpers Alliance Organization.

Do you want know how?
Then, you have to Read the below content carefully Till the End:
Global helper’s alliance is an empowerment programme with headquarters in the United States.
Registration is just a token one - time pay off $5,(#1000) = One thousand naira only
It is a system that requires every member to introduce 2 person each, once any member introduces more than 2 persons ,such extra person(s)will spillover or spill under thereby, making the matrix stages to fill faster with the power of follow your leader principle.
The compensation income plan will allow members to earn from four different stages. Also, one stage gives rise to the next and they include:
(1) Assistant Manager Stage
(2) Deputy Manager Stage
(3) Manager Stage
(4) General Manager Stage

Compensation Plan:-
Their chosen compensation plan is in three forms thus:
2*2 forced matrix system and
2*6 forced matrix system.
2*3 forced matrix (stage 4, which is the last stage)
Bellow is details of how members are rewarded uponcompletion of a stage and as they move from one stage to another

This is the first stage of the business that every registered member must start with and pass through (Also known as the Starting Point to Success).
All you need here is a total of 6 persons, meaning, you get your 2 and your 2 get their 2 each.
You will be qualified to earn = #1200. Automatic movement to deputy manager stage.
You+2+4 =6 (#1,200)

(2) DEPUTY MANAGER (2*6 matrix)
The people in your starter point, move down with you to complete a total of 124 persons
You will be qualified to earn
step out fund of = #102,000
promotion bonus of = #20,000
Total payout = #122,000
.Automatic movement to manager stage
A Tablet Phone.

You+2+4+8+16 +32+64= (#122,000)

(3) MANAGER (2*4 matrix)
The people in your "deputy manager stage" move down with you to complete a total no of 124 persons
You will be qualified to earn
. Step out fund = #3,800,000
. Promotion bonus = #100,000
. Project allowance = #400,000
. Travel allowance = #600,000
. Housing allowance = #1,000,000
Total payout = #5,900,000
. A Hyundai Elantra and TV Set

You+2+4+8+16 +32+64= (#5,900,000)
(4) GENERAL MANAGER STAGE (2*3 matrix)
The people in your "manager stage"move down with you to complete a total number of 16 persons
You will be qualified to earn
. Step out fund of = #12,000,000
. Final bonus = #200,000
.Project allowance = #400,000
. Children allowance = #1,000,000
. Travel allowance = #1,200,000
. House grant = #8,000,000
. Fuel allowance = #1,000,000
Total payout = #23,800,000
Interest free loan = #2,000,000 not compulsory
Award :-
.A Hyundai Jeep and Air conditioner.

I do really hope you understand the above content..
For more information:
Visit www.globalhelpersalliance.com and click the How it Works Tab for more details.
You don't have to be skeptical about this Organization because they are REAL and here to stay long term.

I believe anyone interested in making money and rewards like this should be able to afford $5 (#1000) to start this business. I have got your back if you join my team now. Also, I have some amazing bonuses for you to enjoy immediately you register.

Immediately you join my team, I would start putting people under you (downlines) which could enable you reach stage two fast without you bringing a single person (But that doesn’t mean you should remain docile. You have to invite people to join as well).

I would start advertising and marketing your Link for you. As you can see the link below are some of my downliners links.

NOTE: your link would be added to the list of links above, as soon as you join my Team Now!

Within a week you  would start making money in your E-wallet after registering and Following the strategies in the Video above (as soon as you start seeing money in your E-wallet quickly show people for them to join your team.

I would never ignore you anytime you need help with your Global Helpers Alliance Business even after the completion of your stage four.

Ifyou wish to organize a seminar in your state and you invite me to speak, I would be there.

NOTE: This Business is for people who has Good Reputation (trustworthy people), because it deals with inviting people to join. So, check yourself if you have a Good Reputation before you join.

Immediately after you join my Global Helpers Alliance TEAM, you would have access to the following BONUSES below:
1. Free Audio Books that worth $200 (Rich Dad Poor Dad, Become a Better You etc.)
2. Free Customized Global Helpers Alliance Video Presentation for you to promote your business
3. Free Targeted Traffic to your Global Helpers Alliance Link
4. Free Video editing software with Tutorial to help your downliners in customizing there own video and lots more.

Now the question is when are you becoming a Partner of Global Helpers Alliance?
I urge you to make a positive decision now... JOIN GLOBAL HELPERS ALLIANCE TODAY!!

You would be rewarded with the following below as you complete each stages (see picture below);

Also, see the below pictures for E-wallet Earnings;

Note: You can never register without the help of a Sponsor for now (in terms of making payments through the E-wallet.
For Enquiries, see contacts below:
For Call, Sms and Whatsapp (+2348104763572, +2348102688531)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sanvick.ayobamidele
Website: www.purenetnews.blogspot.com

Are you ready to pay your membership Fee? Then see my bank details below;

1. Bank Name: Access Bank
Account Number: 0060583365
Account Name: Sanni Victor

2. Bank Name: GT Bank
Account Number: 0156614970
Account Name: Sanni Victor
If you prefer online payment Processor, I recommend Payza (Sannivictor1@gmail.com)

Note: After making your payment, kindly forward your Teller Number, Depositors Name to +2348104763572(through Sms or Whatsapp) for Confirmation. Also forward your registration details to sanvickie141@gmail.com Or Whatsapp (+2348104763572).

Your Account would be Registered and active within 24-48hours for you to start signing up people under your own account.

The Earlier you join, the better for you. Because you would have access to Spillover downliners making you to quickly complete your stages.

I look forward to seeing you On Board.



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  2. Seems nice but after stage four what happens? Will One continue to earn?

    1. After stage four, $1000 would be automatically deducted from your Globalhelpersalliance account for the less privileged ones (humanitarian services). Then, you would have to restart from stage one (take note at this stage you no longer have to look for people because you had already build a team that one's each person finishes stage four, they would come under you. So, it keeps revolving like that.

      Hope this really answer your question.

  3. Awesome Post! Wizzy more grease to your elbow!

    I have joined Global Helpers Alliance and with my experience they are REAL!! Some members got rewarded with Tablets last week. I myself would soon be awarded with a Tablet.

    I think everyone one should give this Business a trial. Where on earth can someone become a millionaire within 140 days? But, With God all things are Possible.

    So, my people let's us Rock this Business together. It's just a onetime payment of #1000.

    Take Positive steps today by Becoming a Partner as well.

    I pray God helps us all.

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  6. This looks nice but my only issue here is how to get people to join my team.

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