Today Is World Password Day: How Strong Is Your Password? See Tips

The members of the online community which includes me and you are celebrating world password day which is an occasion marked in every 5th day of May. It is set apart to remind us of the password we use for our online activities and how to keep them same.

Everybody uses password as long as you are active on the Internet. Your facebook account has a password, your twitter , Instagram , Gmail, yahoo mail, web mail, portals and even your phone lock screen utilizes a password so i believe you are aware of what am talking about.

Unfortunately, many people fall victim to ha.ckers because of the use of weak passwords and carelessness. Some people's facebook account has been ha.cked and the worst part is using a weak password for your ATM 🏧 card . You don't play with your hard earned money.

So i am going to use this opportunity to show you some password tips that you apply while creating a password or to protect your existing passwords. Flow with me...

1. Make your passwords long because the longer, the better.

2. Try to utilize a minimum of twelve characters in your password and include numbers, uppercase, symbols and lowercase letters

3. Add words from different languages. A ha.cker will find it difficult to decode a password written in different languages.

4. Use of dictionary words in creating password is risky. Use a meaningless word that only you will understand.

5. Avoid using your date of birth or even any of your family members date of birth or name.


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6. Update your password regularly by changing it with new ones

7. Avoid sharing your passwords with anyone, even the bank staffs at your bank. Though there is love in sharing, but when it comes to passwords, sharing can pack one side.

8. Avoid dropping your secret diary or ATM card anyhow.

9. Always logout after using a public PC or another person's smartphone to access your data that uses password

10. Be always careful not to allow people peep you while typing your passwords

I hope you have learnt at least one new password security tip from this article. Keep it safe, play safe and enjoy the tech generation.


  1. Interesting tips

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  4. I'm gonna change my password cos i have just found out something new from this post.