Twitter Planning To Stop Counting Photos And Links In 140-character Limit

One major reason that made me ignore twitter some years ago was the 140 character limitation placed on it. It deprived me the full freedom to express myself and the full information i wanted to pass out to others in the web.

This is not so on Facebook where you can write a lengthy article and share with others either on your timeline, page, group and even message.

The worst being that twitter also counts links and images shared (23 and 24 characters respectively) thereby further reducing from the said 140 character limits.

But the interesting thing now is this at Twitter is now having a rethink. According to a report from Bloomberg today, twitter is now working on a way to stop including characters from external links shared or photos/Screenshots posted by users in the 140-character limit.

At least users can have freedom to include more texts while twitting or sharing contents as soon as this is implemented.


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