Watch Umi Touch Hammer Test - Can You Try This On Your Phone?

Umi Touch is not only strong generally but it also boasts of a strong long lasting battery of 4000mAh. Few days ago a hammering test was carried on  this new incredible smartphone and you won't believe what happened. The screen was bitten with a Hammer for about 60 seconds before it finally broke.

Umi Touch is a very powerful phone with 3GB RAM and uses Sony camera technology in the 13 mega pixel rear camera. You can see the complete specification and features of Umi Touch Smartphone here

I can't wait for the full arrival of this lovely device in Nigeria. Watch the Hammering video test below

Can your phone stand this scaring test? I know a lot of phones will get smarshed at first hit. Lol 😁


  1. But the screen break naaaa.. ..

  2. No I won't try it cos I don't wanna cry at the end of it.

  3. I won't try it no matter the reason cos i wouldn't be to hear stories that touches the heart