Sunday, May 15, 2016

Why Is Etisalat Doing This?

Etisalat has been one of the best networks when it comes to good and fast Internet network for browsing. The network is loved by many because of their wide coverage in so many locations across the country.

When Etisalat launched the socialme, smartpak, chatpak packages that allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited access to all chatting and social media platforms, it was welcomed by people especially those that chats a lot.

But at a time, it stopped working on some apps like facebook (only working with Facebook messenger) so in the process of finding a way to make it work again on all the social media apps, we discovered it can be used to power all apps and browsers on our phones with the help of VPN apps like Psiphon and Simple Server (which is now Netloop)

Since then, so many gurus and geeks has been flexing it even with the speed throttling issues. The plan is actually perfect if your intention to use it is for browsing, watching youtube and chatting but its not okay for downloading.

However, just recently Etisalat started discriminating by allowing this package to work on some selected Etisalat SIM and refuse to work on some. Why should it be like that? Etisalat placed a data cap on so many SIM that are subscribed to this plan without providing a way to check the data balance. Why should it be like that?

How can someone know when he or she is using up the data allocated for him? Why is socialme only working on some selected SIM cards? Why? If they want to scrap it, let them do so completely so that everyone will forget it than making people waste money to subscribe what they can't use.

At the moment, mine is still working without data cap. You can see my settings HERE but so many people are commenting that it is not working for them. Why is Etisalat Doing this? Why?


  1. plz wizzy dis is real frustrating and painful I can't even cum online any more but I wish netloop can b of help to dis issue

  2. wizzy plz do Sumtin plzzzzzzzz

  3. Well am still enjoying d mtn night plan wizytech post with 25# and to sa I was able to downloa mortal combat x with it right now its d only hope @iriaidahosa

  4. They're doing it because they can :(

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  6. Etisalat y nw ....nw dat change HV increase everytin for money to us sub de little money way we dy use sub for DAT social me ona cum DAT tin way dem day cal data face cap may be becus on a Don see many people way day sub for DAT social me ona cum day happi cum carry data face cap put ona go see me sub again ........boss wizy pls do somfin abt dis luk for anoder way for cus guyz Don broke nw we are all depending on u nw

  7. Jennifer AdetutuMay 15, 2016 at 2:15 PM

    Is the etisalat 0.00 tweak still working? Will, tell me u r working on another tweak that works 4 every1.

  8. Pls oga wizzy add me on your whatsapp group pls