You Will Pay $119 Come July If You Don't Upgrade Your Computer To Windows 10 Now

Am sure you know what is trending now about latest windows version which is the windows 10. I would advise you to switch to Win 10 right now as it is still free at the moment or risk the possibility of paying $119 when you try to do so starting from July.

In other words, Microsoft is saying free upgrade periods for Win 10 are almost over and will start the implementation of $119 (around N36,295 in Naira) for upgrade to Win 10 come July 30th.

Common Stats About Windows 10
Windows 10 was officially last year last year an within just few months of being rolled out, it recorded over 75million users who upgraded to the new Windows Operating System.

Presently, it's reported that over 300 million users are currently using Windows 10 OS on their computers, Microsoft however plans to reach a billion users within the next 2 or 3 years (I doubt this if they finally impose this price tag on it)

Watch what Microsoft said...

My Advice
You should simply choose to upgrade your PC running windows 7 or 8 to windows 10 now or before July 29th as Microsoft says the $119 bill will begin effect from the 30th of July. You can save the money now by simply upgrading unless you don't want to upgrade at all.

$119 is small to some folks but huge to many. Think about it.


  1. Microsoft thinks its the only OS right?they want to impose win10 on users.we can as well install another OS since Microsoft is now growing horns.

  2. wizy plz help wif link to download IDM, the crack version...thanks broh

  3. Wizy.. I subbed airtel bis 3gb after i tweaked my andriod.. So hw do i check my data balance

    1. Dial *123*10# or dial *141*712*0# to check your
      airtel data balance and text STATUS to 440 for
      BIS balance

    2. I tried d first code.. It says 0. 00mb.. Hw do i knw am nt scamed by airtel... D oda status i sent.. No reply too

    3. Kindly resend the STATUS to 440 and wait for reply. If they didn't reply you, then call their CC or use any of their whatsapp numbers i posted in previous post to contact them. Tell them to show your your bis data balance

  4. Wizy, please the download link of window 10 and how to upgrade

  5. pls the link for the window 10

  6. How time flies. Was there any of us that actually paid for this Windows 10?

    I have downloaded so many versions of it without having to pay

  7. Abeg, na who windows 10 help with that kind amount?

    Third party apps are there for me to use in downloading the said OS