Download Latest Kingroot V4.9.3 For Android And PC

Rooting needs no introduction anymore but for newbies in the android community, lets just give you the fundamental information about Rooting your phone. Rooting means giving your device a SuperUser access thereby unlocking some of the hidden treasures in your phone. There are settings and hidden functions that would not be possible to access in a normal device without rooting but once, a device is rooted; you can easily do whatever you want on your mobile phone. In iOS devices, we use the term "jailbreak "

However, there disadvantages of Rooting your phone because everything that has benefits also must have a draw back. I have already made a complete article on it before so i advice you to read Advantages & disadvantages of Rooting your phone . After going through that article, you will be well grounded and know what rooting is all about. Its advantages and disadvantages.

For a long time, many Android users have embraced Kingroot as their favorite rooting application because of its simplicity, easy rooting procedures and less tendency of bricking phone when compared with other rooting apps. Kingroot roots your phone under 5 minutes as long as there is internet connection. A lot of updates has been rolled out on Kingroot to accommodate recent Android devices and the latest update now is "Kingroot Version 4.9.3" that roots all android versions but most especially, android 6.0 Marshmallow devices

One interesting thing now is there is also a PC version of Kingroot app which is also upgraded.

Where Can I Download Kingroot?
Download Kingroot V4.9.3 Apk Android App Here (for android devices)

Download Kingroot .Exe App For PC Here

How to use KingRoot Android App To Root Phone

Make sure you have good Internet connection on your phone.

1. Install the KingRoot app you just
downloaded on your device

2. After successful installation, launch the application and wait for Kingroot to fully analyze your device, after a few seconds you will see the main window.

3. Now tap the Big Blue Circle on your device that says Root and wait for a few minutes

4. Wait for the rooting process to complete 100% after which King User app will be installed on your device.

How To Use PC Version Of Kingroot To Root Android Phones
1. Download the PC version.

2. Enable USB debugging on your mobile device

3. Connect your mobile device to a computer via microUSB cable

4. Wait a few seconds or a minute, until Kingroot see your device

5. Tap root and wait for the process to complete.

You are done and your phone should be rooted.

How To Know If Your Phone Is Really Rooted
You can verify your root privileges with an app called root checker, search and download it from google playstore. Install and run it and you should get a success message after then.

How Can I Unroot My Phone?
Sometimes you might wish to remove the root access on your phone because of one reason or the other, like whenever you want to take your phone to calcare, you wouldn't want them to know that your device is rooted unless the warranty period is over because Rooting automatically voids the warranty. Follow below steps to Unroot your phone

1. Install
SuperSU app from play store

in case you were using other root managing tool.
2. Open it and tap to settings menu.

3. Scroll down to find “Full Unroot”, tap on it.
Hurray!!! Your Phone is now unrooted and restored back to its original status.


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That's it on how to root your smartphone with latest version of Kingroot for android and PC users. Remember that rooting is for the big boys that are fund of tweaking and trying to know everything about their phones. It is for the tweakers and wizards that pimps a lot.


  1. Will it work for android on 6.0

  2. Gudmoni Wizzy, pls can dis kingroot work on Android lolipop 5.1? Bcos kingroot is easier to compare it with super su

  3. please is there any cheat i can use on my system now i mean pc and network please

  4. Back then this app was the best when it comes to rooting but now with the emergence of new Android OS, the story is slightly different.

  5. Rooting is now carried out by first unlocking the bootloader and then flashing custom recovery and supersu files