Download Remotr To Play PC Games On Android, Windows Mobile And iPhones Devices

Hello game lovers in the house, you are reading this interesting article because you are a gamer - whether hardcore gamer or a starter, i have brought another interesting one for you to make your gaming experience more entertaining and fulfilling. Imagine how it feels playing or controlling wonderful PC games like PES 16 , FIFA 16, PES 17, Axiom Verge, The warriors of legends, Batman, Dead Island, Devil may cry and lots more on your mobile phones. I know you will really enjoy it so that's why you are reading this now.

With technology advancing every day and new apps being developed to solve one problem or the other, we get to find out some unprecedented amazing stuffs we can do on our smartphones to make it smarter and more enjoyable. Yes i know there are emulators that allows you run android apps on PC but this one is very different in another dimension.

So we all are aware that running android applications on your PC is very easy at the moment with the help of many emulators which Bluestack is one of them. Not just that because you can as well run iOS apps on your PC smoothly with the help of emulators also. Since we have been running our mobile apps on PC, have you thought about doing the opposite which is running your PC applications on your android devices? Okay, let me just tell you right now that is possible to run PC apps on your phone. So follow me along.

How Is It Possible To Run PC Games On Mobile Phones?
I know it is not easy but with the help of an application called "remotr", you can easily remote PC games on your android, iPhone and windows phone devices. What am i saying? this app makes it possible to "play any PC game on android, iPhone and windows mobile". Remember, it is not just limited to games but you can also stream through anything on your device, (no matter the quality) as long as it begins or runs from the PC first.

How Remotr Works
The Remotr program allows users to stream high resolution or definition (HD) graphic intensive games right from your PC to your android, tablets, iPhone, iPad or windows mobile phones and it as well allows you to play games using gesture input for smartphones that has the functions and some other pre-configured button presets; it is also customizable so you can as well customize yours to your liking.

In fact this Remotr program is amazing as you can even connect multiple devices to work at the same time. The whole process is cool and the gaming or streaming is very fast with seamless experience. So let's get down to the main trick now that you have known all the stuffs and information about this trick.

Watch the video guide below

How To Play PC Games On Android, iOS And Windows Mobile Phones

Step 1
Download Remotr exe program for your PC computer

Step 2
After downloading it, install the program and create a new account with them from their website

Step 3
After that, download the remotr app for your mobile device:
For Android users, Download Remotr apk android app here

For iPhone & iPad users, Download Remotr iOS app here

For Windows mobile users, Download Remotr app for Windows phone here

Step 4
Having downloaded the specified app for your device, login with the account you created on your mobile device

Step 5
Now select your computer and also the PC games you wish to run on your mobile

Step 6
Finally, configure your settings and you’re good to go.


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With this, you can start "playing PC games on your mobile and cell phones" just as you do with mobile apps on your PC. Apart from playing games, you can as well remote the games on your SmartTV.