Good News: eBay Is Coming To Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya

eBay is one of the to online stores in the world but over the years they neglected extending their business to African countries. This means, it is almost impossible to purchase goods from eBay with local currency.

Meanwhile, it's reported that eBay is now storming Africa and will be starting with Nigeria and two other African Countries – Kenya and Ghana. Thanks to a recent partnership with MallforAfrica. This collaboration will enable inventory from US sellers to be bought by shoppers in staying in Nigeria and Kenya.

Below is a statement from MallforAfrica’s CEO, Chris Folayan

“We are creating a unique ‘eBay Powered by MallforAfrica’ app to run on all our platforms. When buyers in Africa shop with this app, they’ll be able to
shop on eBay, buy what they want, check out, and pay through MallforAfrica.”

When Will This Start?
The service is said to start in Nigeria in July, and then begin in Kenya, before getting to Ghana.

What Is The Benefit Of This?
Once the service commence, you and me will be able to buy goods from eBay with our local currencies via MallforAfrica, and in return, MallforAfrica will take care of the shipping and delivery process for the goods bought. They will as well ensure the money goes back to the vendor in dollars. It is as easy as that. It reminds me of the Escrow system of payment on AliExpress China.


  1. Got the best transportation service for my car which I was looking for almost a year and believe me I am not disappointed a bit! Great Work by shipping cars to Ghana!

  2. I still prefer doing all my transactions via AliExpress