How Snapchat Overtook Twitter To Become The 2nd Most Popular Social Network Based On Daily Usage

I have always said it that i don't really like the pattern and swag of Twitter although they have started improving on some of the features that turn me off with like the 140-character limit and they have now even included gif features.

After just 4 years of coming out, Snapchat has achieved what Twitter struggled to achieve in 10 years. According to the latest report by Bloomberg , Snapchat now get 150 million people to use the app on daily daily basis and not only that, but Snapchat also toppled Twitters daily users by nearly 14 million. It is also pursuing Facebook but i think Snapchat still have a very big Mountain to climb if it is willing to come close to Facebook


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At the moment, Twitter just has an estimated 136 million daily users after many years of experience. Do you believe another social media platform can rise and take over the 3rd spot? Which social network do you think can do that?


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