How To Create A Non deletable And Non Editable Folder In Windows PC

There are many tweaks and tricks on android mobile devices and the same is applicable to Windows OS on your PC. There are lots of folders on our computers, each containing different files and documents. Some of the files are too important that you won't like an intruder to spy what is inside it so because of that reason, you have searched all over to see how to lock protect those files inside the folder.

Although there are software that can lock your private folders but you find out that those software can't protect the folder from being deleted or renamed that's why am here to show you this simple trick to protect any folder of your choice from been deleted without your consent.

At the end of this tutorial, you can now manually create an undeletable, unmarkable, and unrenamable folders 📁 (if there are words like that) without any application or software.

Advantages Of Creating A Non Deletable Folder On Windows PC
=> It will protect your secret folders even if you leave your computer with another person
=> You will become the boss of your PC
=> You don't need an extra application to do it
=> You can make money doing it for novices and those working in a bank or similar environment

For optimal protection of your folders, you can utilize both this method and app lock method. This will protect the folder both from being accessed and from being deleted or renamed without your consent.

Now that you are aware of what we are going to achieve with this tweak, let me work you through the lane and show you how to achieve this with the help of simple command prompt trick. Let's go there.

How Can I Create an Undeletable and Unrenamable folders in Windows OS?

Step 1 Go to start and search for "Run" on your windows PC

Step 2 Type cmd and hit enter.

Step 3 Now you have to create the folder in your PC root directory for this to work. To do this, just type input D: or E: and click the enter button.

Step 4 After doing that, type this command md con\ and click enter to make directory.

Step 5 You can also replace the word “con” with words like aux, lpt1, lpt2 up to lpt9, as it’s the name given to the folder

Step 6 Viam!!! You have successfully created your secret folder. You can now go to the created folder and try deleting or renaming it. You will see that it won't work rather, you will get an error message.

But Wizy, What If I Decide To Delete The Folder Myself Later?
I know this question is currently running inside you as you are reading this and i will give you the answer by showing you how to delete it using the same command prompt tweak.

How Can I delete the Undeletable Folder?

Step 1 Open the command prompt program from your PC

Step 2 Type the letter D: ( this is if the foler was created in D: drive but use E or nay other letter if otherwise) and click enter

Step 3 Input this code rd con\ (rd - remove directory)

Step 4 Having done this, the folder is now open and can be deleted or renamed like other normal folders.


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So now your folders are protected and safer. Another advantage of this method is that, it doesn't affect PC in any negative way as long as the command is entered correctly. I hope this tutorial help you and make your PC more secured. If you have any difficulties or questions, kindly ask at the comments section on this blog and you will get solutions asap


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